Colorblind playing challenges

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    I did a search of the forum and while I saw people commenting they were colorblind I could find no reference about playing with this disability.

    I've played several video games (Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Tom Clancy stuff, etc) and got kicked from many sessions for friendly fire because I could not differentiate between my team and the enemies colors. Thankfully with input many games have color filters to accommodate so I can see the difference between friend and foe.

    However, for airsoft/milsim events I am concerned that I won't be able to distinguish between my team and the enemy.

    Are there any other colorblind players out there who can chime in?
    Do teams/squads have some method of identification (easily visible badge, colors, flags) that would help differentiate between friend and foe at distance?

    This will help me to know what I am getting into and try to stave off getting banned from play due to friendly fire.

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    I do more collecting than playing so my advice comes from my knowledge of colorblindness rather than airsoft. I am also red-green colorblind.

    The vast majority of colorblindness is red-green with fewer being green-red. If your team selects an non-red/greed color, it should be fine. Blue and yellow seem to work well for me for distinguishing colors. Alternatively, colorblind folks can distinguish a difference in brightness. So a bright red should be able to be differentiated from a dull green. However it would be better to choose a blended color as well, e.g., orangish or aqua color.

    Hope that helps.