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    I have been looking on various website ASGI, Shooter CB Gear and Evike and I have seen a few rubber/plastic combat knives. Unfortunately the descriptions and pictures are lacking as to what quality they are and how the sheath attaches to kit. Ideally I would attach the knife handle down on my left shoulder on a FLYYE EI PC. Any suggestions would be welcome as I do not have a retail location to handle various knives.
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    a strap runs through the slots on the sides of the sheath and can be woven into your kit. Worse comes to worst Ive seen real life Operators tape it to their kit...

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    Cold Steel Training Knives are the best.

    A lot of the cheaper ones I've seen from airsoft stores break or permanently bend pretty easily.

    As for sheaths, there are a few options.

    You can go ghetto and make your own with cammo duct tape and cardboard.

    You can buy a cheap Chinese knife off Amazon and use the sheath that comes with that.
    (like this one: )

    Or you can find someone who makes their own, like me:




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    Cold Steel training knives are better quality, but if you're trying to complete a look there are knives like these everywhere...

    Quality is ok... The plastic is iffy, and the rubber is thin.

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