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  1. masterpro72

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    I have recently been doing daily combat practice and find it quite useful for upcoming games. I usually run accuracy and trench/woodland tactics. What kind of tactical training do yall use to help prepare for games?
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    depending on the AO I go tot eh local CQB place or play in the local fields... I have a pretty good friendship with teh owners so they will let my team practice on them

  3. Itsahak

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    I go to work. I clear houses between 2 and 4 times per week...
  4. McGee

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    San Francisco
    My group is going to some historical buildings - civilian attire, no weapons - next Sunday for MOUT drills. We'll do some basic react to contact drills in the open space down by the beach, too, before the tourists show up.

    In general, we find movement drills, react to contact drills, fire and maneuver / bounding overwatch drills, fitness stuff, and 'ready-up' target acquisition are fundamental drills.

    A new one we have is to just walk in a file, and one-by-one a member will call out a target (tree, rock, whatever) and we drill reacting to the contact - just to the point where everyone knows exactly what position the guy is talking about. We do this because people can say 'contact right' - but where? We need details: direction, distance, and description. Sometimes it's hard to do that, so we're drilling it.

    Read the Ranger Manual, Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics, or go to the USJTF site and check out the resources there.