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    I'm completely new to airsoft and look on forums, read magazines and speak to people and it sounds like another language.
    What do I need to start and what's the differences between souring, gas, battery etc?
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    Not sure exactly what you want to know, but there are three different types of guns as of now:


    Unless it's a TM, or a sniper rifle, stay away from it, these are crappy, low quality guns, no matter what retailers tell you.

    Gas: They use propane as fuel (or the Japanese version, green gas, which is a highly overpriced unscented propane) these guns are usually more realistic, featuring recoil and a moving bolt like a real gun. Most of the time, gas is filled into the magazine of the gun, along with the ammo. These guns are my personal favorite but do poorly in cold, due to propane's expansive properties. Some gas guns also use the small Co2 cartridges you can find in sporting goods stores, I'd stay far, far away from Co2 guns. Most of the time they propel the BB far too fast to be safe, and are generally of low quality.
    One last type of gas is HPA, there are a variety of High Pressure Air systems out there, they will always use an external tank, and are the most sought-after and expensive weapons. We wont go too far into these as you wont (and shouldn't) be owning these any time soon.

    The last one:
    Electric, more commonly known as AEG. They use a small motor, gears, a spring, and a battery to propel the BB. These are the favorite of the airsoft community, as many aftermarket parts are available to tweak/change performance.

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    Hmmm, much to learn there is, young Padawan.

    Try this guide and some others like it for basic info.

    If you have questions about working on a gun or gear, either search the forum for what you are looking for, or start a new thread. Everything you need to start playing is mentioned in the instructable, and keep it to the minimum when purchasing. My first purchase was a gun, 4000 bbs, and a smart charger.

    Here is a list of terms we airsofters say.
    Chronograph, chrono, chronoed - a chronograph is a device which measures muzzle velocity in FPS.
    FPS - feet per second, measured with a .20 gram bb, tells how fast the bb exits the gun.
    .20g - BB weight, each bb weighs . something of a gram, so .28g would be a .28 gram bb.
    Hopup - device within your gun that cause the BB to spin backwards during flight, creating lift. (The spinning is called backspin)
    Flat Hop - A hopup modification that causes more spin on the BB.

    V2, V3 gearbox - V stands for version, such as a version 3 gearbox. The gearbox is a metal shell within the gun that holds the motor, gears, etc, which make your gun fire. Here is a cool animation [ame][/ame].

    Piston, piston head, cylinder, tappet plate, etc. - all parts of the gearbox , do some research about these for yourself :p

    ROF - rate of fire.
    Trigger Response - Delay between trigger pull and time BB leaves the barrel.
    MOSFET - electrical component that causes less wear on your motor, and adds features such a 3 round burst.

    Any questions????? Haha I know it's a ton to take in, just use this as a sort of dictionary for the forums.

    Another thing, look for guys like Major_Monocle , they have been on the forum for much longer than me and know what they are talking about.

    Have fun!
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    That is the first instructables guide that wasn't idiotic, and wildly inaccurate, good find. Two things about this though:

    Sidearm: Skip it for now, you'll be shocked to see how little you use it, I mainly use it for when I'm going in really close and don't want to hurt anybody, and that rarely happens.

    I'd ignore this part, except for the stores listed as "bad"

    I'd pay more attention to the asian retailers (Redwolf, Ehobby, etc) they tend to have a much larger selection, and are cheaper. Evike's OK, I like their Matrix BBs but I don't buy from them too much anymore. Just some things to keep in mind, but good addition, Airsoft444.
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    Thank you all. Very helpful and means I'm not confused from the off!!
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    Absolutely grand, looking forwards to seeing you around more, feel free to ask any questions you might have.