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completely stripped my TM cougar m8000 g

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hi, I've got a problem.
My marui m8000 cougar was broken so i had to take it apart to fix it, but now I can't put it back together.
If someone can post a picture or a video how to put it back together.]
Thank you.
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Marui M8000 Cougar G Repair

Hi had the same problem with my gun, hope this reply hasn't come too late and someone finds it helpful.

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Thanks for the pictures but it's the bottom part. Could you make some pictures of that too?

Sorry, haven't even taken the bottom part apart. Hope that some common sense and time looking at it will give you the solution. Otherwise take it to your local gun shop. The place where I bought mine took it apart to recover a BB that had got lodged in the case before I had the confidence to take it apart.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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