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    So, for a while now, I've been considering a contractor load out. The only problem was, I didn't have a gun I could use for a contractor load out. Now that I have my AK, and am busily making it tacti-cool, I'm more into this idea than I ever have been before.

    So, I have enough gear to make this work, just wanting some input from some other folks on here. Have an idea of what I'd like this to look like, too, but if anyone can make it better, I'm open to suggestion. Anyway, here goes:

    CYMA AK-74 (EOTech, AFG, and SAW-style pistol grip by the time I'm done)
    3x -74 style hi caps, maybe some midcaps if I can get them
    KWC Desert Eagle (Would rather use my P226, but none of the mags hold gas)
    Condor chest rig (black) with AK magazine pouches and a small utility pouch
    Drop leg platforms:
    tan dump on left leg, tan MOLLE platform with OD holster (only one that will fit my DE)
    Tan TAG rigger's belt
    Tan TAG load bearing suspenders
    Contractor's hat (probably tan)
    5.11 tactical pants (also either tan or OD)
    Now, the shirt is where I get lost. I've seen both polos, and just plain old t shirts. Any input on that from anyone? I can't decide which I'd rather use. I'm leaning more toward t-shirt, but haven't decided.

    As always, any input would be appreciated, and mods, if this has already been asked, please close the thread and direct me to somewhere I can find this. I tried searching this but no results came up. Thanks again to all who contribute!


    Sounds pretty cool the things i would add are:
    •pistol mag pouches
    •grenades such as the thunder-B grenade
    •silencer for both guns
    Knee pads + elbow pads.
    Hope this helps post a pic of your loadout when you finnish please.

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    Both the t-shirt, and the polo are good. Having a good moisture wicking shirt is more important. Keep your colors earthy.
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    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    I have heard a lot about you NSW. Glad to finally get to contribute in a thread with you. Personally, I would toss the Condor rig unless you already own it. Replace it with a FLYYE or TMC type rigger unit or chest rig. They are out there. Hopefully Grin will beat me to it, but otherwise I will edit this post with it.

    Edit: I win Grin! Here, would this work for you?
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    ... Soon.... You shall regret your transgressions.
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    I just pooped myself.

    I know I won't be making an impression for at least a year, so I'm good :)
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    Honestly there is no set definition of a contractor loadout. I have seen jeans, tactical pants, Od/tan/black gear. Just run what you will find comfortable.
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    I actually do already own the condor chest rig; it's good enough for running around the field, but I wouldn't use it in any real tactical situation.

    Thanks for the input, Levi. Thinking about it now, I could probably wear something like I wore when I was overseas... everyone thought I was a contractor there, too.
  9. Thestig

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    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    If that is the case, if the real deal thinks you look like a contractor, then the airsoft world should as well. Looks like you are good then!
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    I've done 2 years in the Pmc and its keeping it simple but effective. When Into Pmc I stayed light
    Tan combat boots
    5.11 tac pants
    Tan drop leg holster
    Sig p226 with 4 mags
    Combat belt with quick release m 4 mags
    Chest rig with 8 mags across
    Black combat shirt
    Brown an white shemagh
    Oakley combat gloves tan
    Comms- bowman headset tan
    U94 ttp tush to talk
    Motorola radio black
    Rudy project shooting glasses with black lens
    Tan hat with American patch and American patch on my chest rig
    Hydartion pack with extra backpack molle I added on check out my airsoft team on YouTube RainbowAirsoft. -Ranger-
  11. soticman

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    I highly doubt you were a contractor and I highly doubt you are actually with rainbow airsoft. If you are, please provide some proof. What is your name? Because I'm going to Pm rainbow airsoft on YouTube.
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    Isnt rangers new name Trench?
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    That's correct! He got that new mask too.