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    contractor can wear anything but military camo. you can wear casual work clothes with any tac vest.
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    This is one of those claims that drives people who know what they're talking about crazy. "Can wear anything they want" is a far cry from "wear anything under the sun." When we base kits on what the shooters in the real world do, we have to use what we've seen them wear as a template. So while a contractor may legally wear a black UTG crossdraw over a Hello Kitty shirt and plaid pants, it's never been seen before. So if you want to do something recognizable as a contractor loadout, you want to stay within the range of gear that contractors actually use, not everything in existence that they could possibly wear.

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    it's not a claim. we have a friend that bought a private security company. unfortunately, he lost everything after going to federal prison (well, not everything, he still has hidden foreign companies). vincent chhabra his ex-wife (my wife's best friend) turned evidence against him. before they divorced, we were invited to many vacations (depending on where, they often didn't wear tact vests). they didn't wear tact vests until the first federal indictment. his family was threatened because some of his associates feared he would plea bargain with the federal government. it's a very long and interesting story.
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    Here are some pictures of friends and family who work for XE and Arion and all the higher end contractors. The merely wear clothes they know that is comfortable and durable

    Also, I have seen operators who wear blue jeans. It is defiantly a more relaxed look. wouldn't it work for Knoxville Tennessee when a billionaire goes to meet a country music star? And I have also seen operators in the sandbox wear blue jeans. It's ultimately up to the contracting company and the contractor personnel.

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