Converting a King Arms P90 to HPA -- worth it?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by ceenvee703, Jan 25, 2016.

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    I have wanted to get into HPA guns and have started assembling gear slowly, getting a tank, then a regulator. Now I'm ready to get the gun.

    One option I've considered is converting a King Arms P90 I bought a while back. I think it's King Arms... I have two brochures, one says King Arms, the other says Cybergun.

    Anyway, I'm considering getting this drop-in kit from Bingo Airsoftworks:

    Particularly since it's drop-in easy and I'm not much of a tech.

    However, now I'm worried that I'm sinking good money into a cheap gun. I took it out back and tried adjusting its hop-up to see what kind of range I could get, and results were very uneven -- maybe 1 in every 5 shots seemed to actually have spin on it, most just dropped off quickly as if no hop-up was being applied, regardless of where I had the dial set.

    So, is this too cheap a gun to warrant dropping a HPA engine in there? Is there something I should do first to get the gun firing better before going HPA? Should I just look for a used gun here or elsewhere and do that instead?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Honestly just pick a platform you love. It sounds like your hop up DEFINITELY needs some work but if you like running a P90 go for it.
    The only gun I'd ever HPA is my P90

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    Just wanted to follow up on this. I polished the barrel and installed a new bucking and hop up nub--and the difference is astounding. It's consistent now! Not sure what the problem was but those steps helped tremendously. Thanks again for the help.