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    On my squad there is a guy trying to make a counter sniper/ marksman rifle. Is the Cyma m14 Ebr a good gun. Or is it better to have him use an m16 or something. From being a experienced sniper you learn that the first guy you take out is the one that can get you (sniper or dm) If he ie using an ar it will be hard to tell him apart. What should he use. Price range $125-280 ish. For JUST GUN hehe.
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    I would say the use the m14 because its decent price, and performs out of the box pretty well (Dont quote me on that, Its what ive been told.),but cyma is not the best company. compared to say G&G or G&P there just not as good, but looking at TM and all that its like more than crap. At entry level though there ok, but your going to wanna get some upgrades as well in it.

    Now if he did go with an M16 some optic for the counter sniper as in a acog or something so that may affect him blinding in as "less of a threat".

    The advantages of him having the M16 or so over the M14 isnt much. It pretty much depends of what his personal opinion in is over the two guns. now for me if i were counter sniping would be the m14 and id upgrade the barrel ,the spring ,and maybe the hop up.

    Some other guns that would be a great choice that i would recommend is:
    A&k sr25 going for $220 on airsplat

    Dboys SPR RIS going for $189 on airsplat

    Dboys MK12 going for $189 on airsplat

    Echo1 Stag M16 DMR going for 200 on airsplat

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    Get the cyma way better range and better stock internals

    Lol tm ok? Lolololol
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    M4/M16=Common, share-able magazines. M14=No other mags unless that guy over there has one.