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  1. theonlyBuster

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    Here's something me and a few other members were talking about.

    How about a section for just coupon codes and discounts.
    When they're discovered a user posts them for confirmation. Upon being confirmed they're displayed for members to see. Members are then able to use the codes/discounts.

    Along with the discounts codes there's a thumbs up/down. Thumbs up meaning the code worked, thumbs down meaning it didn't.
    The section will NOT be up for discussion. Simply discount codes.

    In addition to that, only users with 100 posts or more as well as active for 14 days will have access to it. Believe it or not, this part wasn't my idea.

  2. rich635

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    Sure, it'd prevent clutter in other sections. However, can there be questions, like if a certain store has a coupon or not?

  3. Shiftyshooter

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    If there are questions, the thread will be full of it. I think the best idea is to only post the coupon codes and nothing else.
  4. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    Well you would go into the section, click on the pertaining store you want coupon codes for. And you'd get a list of coupon codes and what they do.

    It's not really a forum idea, but more on the lines of website because there's no discussion. That way when for example Store ABC releases a coupon code and we add it, users can't go "Don't Shop there, this store is crap, it's still cheaper at Store XYZ"

    Exactly Shifty.

    The only time you'd "post" would be to submit the coupon code. From there, the staff glances at it, and approves/denies or approves it with editions.
  5. combatmachine

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    Why not make it so that when you click on the coupon codes link it takes you to a page where you then have to click another link like coupon codes or ask about a store ? (or somthing along those lines )