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  1. Whiplashairsoft1

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    I haven't seen one of these yet, so here goes. However, if a duplicate thread exists, you all know the drill.

    I'm making this thread for everyone to post any coupon codes they know of to online stores, particularly airsoft stores or stores that sell the kind of gear or guns airsofters want. Hopefully this will lead to other members of Airsoft Society finding greater deals.

    Also, since I'm making a thread on coupons, I thought I'd better ask my question now: Does evike still have the 20% off? I thought it ended in August, but not sure.
  2. airsoftaddict89

    airsoftaddict89 New Member

    The evike 20% off still works. The code is "nosb1315". I ordered gear with it so i can confirm it still works. I ordered my stuff the third of september.

  3. Shiftyshooter

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    We've had threads like this and they all got locked. No reason not to lock this one.
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