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Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by crazyjake, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. crazyjake

    crazyjake New Member

    Any cqb and indoor tactics? I'm kinda new and could use some advice.
  2. fruyoops

    fruyoops New Member

    Take your time and always watchh your back get a team to play with.

  3. Defcon5

    Defcon5 New Member

    Don't forget to check corners. I've gotten lit up from super close range, because I didn't check corners.
  4. FASTTtitties

    FASTTtitties New Member

    My advice would be to not sit in one spot. Keep moving around because it helps keep the enemy from knowing where you are. I have got shot on the arm too many times from sitting. Someone came around a corner and lit me up. So just stay moving and watch your back and stay silent!
  5. Ham

    Ham New Member

    There is one universal rule to playing indoors- aggression always wins. Cowering in a corner or camping will get you flanked and shot, unless you're in a room with one way in or out. In which case you'll just get shot without being flanked. Defenders are almost always screwed when it comes to cqb, especially since thunder bs and tornado grenades came out.

    Should you find yourself having to defend and sitting in one place make sure you're always moving around and attacking the other team, just within the boundaries you must defend.
  6. Defcon5

    Defcon5 New Member


    It always helps to keep moving. Also, don't forget to keep a low profile.
  7. Sohte

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    What I like to do is to go prone and then cut the corner from the floor, but to be honest I am a poor CQB player.
    I make up for this with the fact that I am set up as a grenadier and a grenade shell clears all rooms.
  8. Ham

    Ham New Member

    Only time I've seen prone work indoors is setting a claymore up around a corner or being the last person on a team, hiding in a shadow, in an already dark room. Aside from that you're asking to get stepped on, tripped over, kicked, or shot, a lot.

    Crouch or kneel If you have to get low, make sure no one is standing in front of you or they will trip over you if they step back (ex if you are shooting high and low around a corner with someone else, the low guy always goes in front. That way if the guy shooting high has to step back or get out of the way he isn't going through or over the guy crouched shooting low)
  9. Scout_Master

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    The best advice for CQB is get a team and rehearse room clearing. In this sport numbers rule, and no not the numbers and specs of your gun or the number of dollars you have spent on gear, all that does is make a good team better. Get a team, and learn how to Shoot Move and Communicate in the environment that you operate in. 3 people is the minimum for CQB a 4 man team is ideal, and 2, 4 man teams with a leader and every one using como is the perfect situation. The trick is to rehearse practice train and drill with each other.

    You can find techniques, tactics and strategies by researching "MOUT" on google, look for a FM (field manual).

    Note for Noobs: MOUT stands for Military Operations in Urban Terrain.
  10. McGee

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    San Francisco
    If you and your team don't drill, it won't work.
  11. MamothBear

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    Ok. About a year ago, my team had a small cqb area. Agression is good but dont get split off from your team. When you are alone in the woods hiding is easy, but in CQB it VERY difficult. Dont lean against walls go out far as you can. While not being exposed. Everyone needs to cut the PIE!