Cracked V2 Shell, How long can it last?

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Mighty_Mouse, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Mighty_Mouse

    Mighty_Mouse New Member

    I have a V2 shell that has cracked even with the corners of the cylinder window radiused. Right now it does not seem to be loosing compression due to the cracking and the gun is operating fine.

    So I'm curious how much time people have gotten out of a cracked shell before they gave had to give in and get a replacement shell.

    As a tag on, does any one have any experience JB Welding or otherwise patch a small crack?
  2. Ehudakineyah

    Ehudakineyah New Member

    Doesn't matter really. It will evidently crack upon itself.

    Can't really tell you how long it will take.

    It might even crack in storage with the compression of the spring on the front of the gearbox.

    It's only a matter of time. I'd suggest just grabbing a replacement as soon as you can and be ready. Instead of waiting for it to crack.

  3. L5132

    L5132 New Member

    If you can't get a new shell soon, take a bit of aluminum pop can and cut it to size, then epoxy it to the shell. Will help enough to get you through until you get the replacement.
  4. Star_folder

    Star_folder New Member

    You can use a metal spacer cut to size to help keep the gearbox together.

    A friend of mine blew the front of a Matrix M160 gearbox off, and put an Ajax STS in front of it and ran it for another year before the unprotected trigger contacts died on a 14.8v Thing still got great compression and shot excellently.