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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by dnnkbk, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. dnnkbk

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    Hi I saw this gun on Craigslist and it caught my attention.
    Classic Army M16A2
    I was pretty sure when I first saw it that it was a good deal. I am just looking for more help on it though. I sent the owner an e-mail and he said

    "something is messed up in the trigger. where two things connect so that the gun fires. the gun shoots and works but its not as responsive as it could be."

    What kind of problem do you think this is. I dont know to much about airsoft so i probably couldent fix it my self. also does anyone know if this is the same as the M15A4? I am interested in this because I have never seen a full metal gun by Classic Army under 250 or 300 before. and the gas pistol? Is it worth it? please help.
  2. linebackerhl3

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    Nice gun,but the trigger thing i just believe came from usage over time. I believe that its the trigger contacts. Its the part of the wire the connect to the metal plate inside that transfer the energy from the battery to the motor. And the co2 pistol alone is worth it. And as long as the gun works then i think you should get it. Ask to see how long he used the gun for if its more the 2 years old i wouldn't get it just because of the condition it might be in but if only a few months old take the deal

  3. Pie

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    Right away I notice the markings on the body look like Olympic Arms, which is exclusively ICS, it may be a VERY old Classic Army or an Ics.
  4. dnnkbk

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    Thanks for your responses I did not purchase this gun because I posted this on another forum and they said the same thing it was ICS so i dont want to buy from someone who doesnt know what they r selling.
  5. Sparky_D

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    Too bad, that's a good deal for an ICS M16A2, and the trigger contacts are an easy $30 fix.