Crane Stock vs. Full Stock

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by iSimonee, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. iSimonee

    iSimonee New Member

    hey guys im gettin a new aeg and its available with an adjustable crane stock or full stock. could i get some pros and cons of both and which one you prefer?
  2. wiseman

    wiseman Active Member

    Well if that's an M4 length only and have no plans of heavy upgrades that requires having large battery then go for crane stock. Usually, full stock are for full length rifle like M16 / SR variants.

    I presumed you're eying for an M4 variant.

  3. Johnhillbilly

    Johnhillbilly New Member

    I personally have had both an m4 and an m16, and the full stock on the m16 has been so much nicer, for you can do a lot more with it, plus it's a lot sturdier generally. But it can be a problem if you have short arms.
  4. TheChosenOne94

    TheChosenOne94 New Member

    I like my folding crane. It allows for much better cq combat that way. However, if you like the long range side of the m4, then get the full one.
  5. Robin-Hood

    Robin-Hood Active Member

    Crane stock for the win! If you get one of the crane stocks that can house batteries there's really no disadvantage imo.
  6. zach9835

    zach9835 New Member

    eden prairie
    hey guys getting a m4 by and there is one for $199.99 that has LE stock but I was wandering also that a m4 has a crane stock that is $210.00 but I don't know whick one to get I have medium long arms please help
  7. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    Crane stocks for the fact that you can go full sized to shortened in a matter of a second.
    Houses a battery without it bouncing around inside an open container.
    Can house multiple batteries (Lipo).
    Makes storage a bit easier.
    Adjustable but still sturdy.
  8. FSTK

    FSTK Member

    I like Full Stocks because "it just works". If you're eyeing a rifle-type AEG like M16: Full-Stocks adds is a +10 swag factor.