Cryedro, AVS Pouch, AC Shirt, Oakley, LT, Propane Adapter, and more sale!

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    So.... Looking to offload a lot of my gear as I move upwards and on wards. All the items have been used but well maintained. If anyone has any questions regarding the items, feel free to message me!

    -All transactions through Paypal or Chase Quick pay
    -Shipping is not included unless specified
    -First come first serve basis, meaning no item holds
    -I ship USPS and will include insurance in your shipping fee. Also I will try and ship it the cheapest (not meaning crappy service) way possible to help you out.
    -Low balls will be ignored
    -All sales are final (NO RETURNS)
    -PM me for offers/questions/picture requests
    -Please only serious buyers
    -I reserve the right not to sell to you if necessary
    -Not to interested in trades BUT feel free to shoot me any offers (Ill also post a trade section on the bottom if applicable)
    Now down to the items... YOU SHIP FIRST ON TRADES! I will ship upon reviving the item in condition that is described. Pay for your own shipping and Ill pay for mine.
    -You are responsible for the 3% fee's if not sent as a gift. (Can provide vouchers and reputation if you don't feel comfortable)

    First up, a Crye AC Combat shirt in 2XLS (Fit's me loosely as I am about a large, and for the last time don't ask about the Zebra... its a long story...) 120 shipped. PATCHES NOT INCLUDED! [​IMG]

    Next, a "Cryedro" comes with a camelback bladder and hose in Multicam. 60 Shipped. [​IMG]

    Continuing, a Crye AVS MBITR Pouch 20 shipped. [​IMG]

    On to the next, Oakley M2 Frame glasses with a case and cleaning rag. (Love these but I would rather 2.0's or 3.0's) 130 shipped. [​IMG]

    Next up, a Lancer Tactical "RRV" in od green with a triple M4 mag pouch and an admin pouch (If that's what you want to call it...) 35 shipped. [​IMG]

    Almost done, A metal propane adapter (Also love this thing as its super durable but I no longer own GBB's). 20 Shipped. [​IMG]

    Finally!, Revision Desert Locust goggles in OD, 20 shipped. [​IMG]

    As always folks OBO but I'm pretty set on these.

    Not really interested in any trades, but I am looking for a pair of Large Dummy Sapi plates if something catches your eye here. May add a few more things here soon.

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    Bump. Nothing sold yet, would like some offers.

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    Bump, Cryedro sold. Everything else is still up for sale.
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    Bump this up. REALLY need the shirt sold. Offer up!
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    Shirt down to 110 shipped. NEED this sold guys!