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  1. OutlawAirsoft

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    Hey all,
    I've been looking into the possibility/feasibility (mainly financial) of launching a custom airsoft painting business. Basically I would be shipped peoples' guns with a directive on what style they want with what colors, then I would complete the project and ship the gun back.

    Unfortunately, Cerakote (which is what I am planning to use) is really expensive. Like $300 a gallon. So if I want to make any sort of profit, I want to charge the maximum people would be willing to pay. So I have two questions:
    1) What is the maximum you would be willing to pay for a custom Cerakote paint job, assuming you choose the design and colors?
    2) What type of styles would you be interested in? I already plan on providing American flag variations, some digital camo options, multicam options, and obviously solid color coats. Am I missing anything? I plan on getting a vinyl cutter and designing my own stencils, so custom pictures and silhouettes will also be possible.

    What do y'all think of this idea?
  2. BeansOnToast

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    people like skulls, that's probably a safe bet

  3. Kuratosu

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    I've seriously thought about looking into getting my guns custom painted or hydro dipped. Depending on the materials used and the durability of the paint, I would probably easily drop around $100 to $200 on the custom job. If the job also came with the ability to just send you the gun and have YOU dismantle it, dip/spray it, and put it back together, that would obviously up the price as I would gladly pay someone else to do that if I don't absolutely need to.

    Hope that input helps in your decision making on this idea.
  4. OutlawAirsoft

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    That is helpful, thank you. I am looking into getting some Cerakote and practicing as soon as I can get some funds together.
  5. GetHigher

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    I had my EF 1911 BB custom painted in a space theme for $80 and love it, the dopest-looking pistol I have. I'd easily drop any amount if the quality was worth it.
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    Pittsburgh area
    Sexy anime chicks! ^.^
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    Cottage grove
    Well about 40 dollars worth of cerokote will paint about 2 full m4s I think about 10fl Oz spray able. It goes a very long ways. There's a lot of prep involved. Sandblasting etc and a 2.5 hr bake
    I think about 150 seems fair I can finish one with small parts in about 5 hrs

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  8. OutlawAirsoft

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    True, but for most patterns or styles you're looking at 3 or more colors. That adds up pretty fast.