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    So a few weeks ago I decided that I needed a project in order to not take apart my perfectly functioning guns for no reason what so ever. I decided to build a some what modern AK74. I read a rumor that some of the first AK74s where converted AKMs so I'm building off of that.

    Now when I said build an AK I'm going to buying just about everything for this. I will be buying everything I need and putting it together myself.

    Now I do have a base gun. As I can buy all the parts I need at once I will be using it to test internals. As soon as I get them however, the body stock and pistol grip will be replaced. I will be keeping the outer barrel, front, and gas receiver as those are not as easy to find.


    I have not had the chance to work on an AK of any type before but have a parts list. If anyone has experience with AKs can tell me I missed a part or if what I have isn't good please let me know.

    SRC Short Type Motor ( Torque-Up )
    LONEX Enhanced Motor Mount for AK AEG Series
    King Arms Complete Gearbox for AK AEG Series
    LONEX Selector Lever & Safety Set for AK AEG Series

    G&P AK Metal Body Set (FM Style, Fixed Stock, Black)
    G&G AK Scope Mount Set for G&G RK / Marui AK series
    King Arms Extended AK Mag Catch (Type B)
    King Arms Enhanced Selector Lever for Marui AK

    Combat Squad CNC 7075 Aluminum Hop Up Camber for AK
    MadBull 60 Degree Normal Shark Bucking with Normal Spacer
    Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel for AK47 / AK47S AEG ( 455mm )
    King Arms AK74M Stock ( Black )

    The parts are grouped in the order I wish to by them. The inner barrel, hop up unit, and hop up rubber are in the last group because I have them so are not as high on my list of things I need right now. They are not the greatest but they will work for testing and causal play. Also I have hand guards that came in today.
    I would be grateful for any help with parts.

    I will be updating this thread as I get parts in and put into the gun.
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    Bump. I'd really like help with this.

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    Looks like you got the parts list pretty much covered. I would probably go with a Lonex motor. I don't have any experience with SRC motors though, don't think I've heard anything bad about them.