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    Hello, first post here.

    I have a heavily modified APS UAR V.2 that I’m no longer interested in. It has a few quirks that I’ll go into detail down below, but she shoots lovely once you work them out. The gun is pretty much upgraded internally and is built to be high speed/trigger response. It's never been fielded in its life only just some testing. All it needs is a G36C rail on top as in the first picture, a decent scope, and hopefully a new home.

    Onto the quirks:
    -Once you do get the G36C rail, you’ll need to find a way to attach it (probably some nuts and bolts.)
    -The selector is finicky (Only way to fire the V3 titan here is in AUG mode. When trying to calibrate for the AK selector (which it is), it doesn’t detect moment.)
    -I had to disable the charging handle to make space for the Titan wires.

    What I’ve done to it:
    Reshimmed gears
    Short stroke two teeth off sector gear
    Optimized motor height for bevel gear
    Lubed gearbox
    AOE corrected piston

    20 RPS
    345 FPS with .25

    GATE Titan Drop-In Computerized MOSFET for V3 (Basic Module)
    ASG Infinity CNC U-22000 Short Axle Motor
    Prometheus Hard Anti-Reversal Latch
    Super Shooter 13.65:1 Ultra High-Speed Gears
    SHS M120 AEG Spring
    Rocket Airsoft 14.5T Pre-lightened Metal Rack Piston
    Lonex Enhanced Cylinder Set for AK / AK47s AEG's
    Scatterplot 1/8" 70 Duro V2/V3 Laser Cut Sorbo
    1/32" 70D Die Cut Neoprene Buffer
    Lonex AK Anti-Heat Selector Plate
    Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel Precision 6.01mm Airsoft AEG Tightbore Inner Barrel (Length: 455mm)
    Retro Arms CNC Machined Aluminum Hop-Up Unit
    Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hopup Bucking

    Angel Custom HIVE Airsoft Suppressor Barrel Extension
    Strike Industries Cobra Tactical Foregrip

    What the package will come with:
    The gun
    Two mags
    QD Swivel
    M140 spring
    Some free 416 sights too

    The price is at a firm $400 with free shipping through UPS, but I’ll willing to negotiate.

    Feel free to PM me, I'll be glad to answer your questions.

    Thanks for looking, and have a good day.