This is a highly tuned Classic Army Nemesis X9. This marker has had a lot of work done. For starters, the work would not have been necessary if Classic Army had not made most of this gun proprietary. The original “ECS” blew and when I got no reply from the manufacturer regarding a replacement, I went to work essentially reworking the whole gun. I am not a amateur tech and this is not my first build. After days of research, I was able to quire the necessary parts need to complete my build. The following build resulted: an indoor SSG (single sector gear) trigger response setup that can hit close to 40rps on an 11.1 LiPo but was built for use with a 7.4 LiPo. In order to fit these parts, the stock gearbox needed to go. I replaced it with an E&C gearbox that I custom fit into the lower receiver. For the ETU (electric trigger unit), I installed a Perun Hybrid V2. The trigger I installed also allows for a near hair trigger pull. The trigger response is very nice, thanks to the beautiful performance of the Tienly 35k motor mixed with a set of SHS 13:1 gears that have been short stroked by 3 teeth. The PDI 190% spring ensures that the fps will remain consistent and the piston will return fast, avoiding “pre mature engagement.” Combined with the short stroked gears, this gun shoots about 300 fps with a .20 gram bb. While the gun is a bit on the heavy side, it is a blast to use in an indoor arena. The only thing that would make this gun better would be a better hop up chamber, barrel, hop up nub, and hop up packing (bucking) for accuracy purposes but these are all easy parts that can be swapped out if you want. The only downside to this build is that the charging handle spring is now gone as a result of swapping the gearbox. You can still pull the charging handle back but it will not spring back when released do to Classic Army’s proprietary upper receiver that this gun has. It is a minor detail, let’s be honest, is only there for the cool factor. This gun will ship with the blue stick type magazine that comes with it and a 1400 round auto winding drum magazine. I will also throw in the M60 style flash hider, the shorty suppressor, and the CNC’d vertical foregrip. All the documentation for the Perun Hybrid will also be included as well as the original instructions for the marker (not that it really matters are the stock ECS is no longer in the marker). I recommend that you use a 7.4 LiPo for longevity reasons and because of the limited battery space but I have played with an 11.1 LiPo before without problems. The marker was bought for 350.00 and it has just over 300.00 worth of parts installed and items included. Below is provided a chart of the listed upgrade parts and their purchased price. The price is negotiable. I accept Venmo. A lot of love has gone into this marker, and I am only selling because I no longer need it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I can send videos upon request.

Tienly 35k Motor80
SHS 13:1 Gear Set25
Perun Hybrid V275
Guarder Tappet Plate25
PDI 190% Steel Piano Wire Spring20
Classic Army Nemsis X9 1400rd Drum90