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    Mystery Flag

    This is a game type that me and my buddies like to play. This is a modded version of center flag.

    What you need:

    1. 3 Flags (Different colors same size)

    2. 3 identical cases (Try to get cases or containers you can't see through & ones that can be closed)

    3. Two teams 2 V 2 or better. The more the better, we play 8 V 8 - 10 V 10

    4. An area to play airsoft

    First set the field up to have at least two bases for each team and a mid point on the field to place the objectives in. The mid point should have bunkers and cover.

    Second One person needs to place each flag in a separate case. The cases will then be closed and sealed.

    Third once the flags have been placed in the cases and the cases sealed, someone else will bring the cases to the mid point area of the field. They can shuffle the cases up like three card monte so the person who placed the flags int the case doesn't know that the one on the left/right/center has the flag.

    Now the game is ready to go.

    Rules & Objectives

    1. The cases can only be opened once the time limit is reached.(Game is over) This is where the "mystery" comes from.

    2. You are trying to capture the case that contains the flag but you don't know which one contains it.

    3. Your team can only handle one case at a time. If you grab a case it must be place back in your base before anyone on your team can grab another case.

    4. You can steal cases from each others bases.

    5. A team may secure all three cases.

    6. The team that ends up with the flag is the winner. So your team could only have one case the whole game and be getting hammered but still end up winning. It creates a nice little twist in game play.

    We normally have a 1-2 hour time limit, but you can make it longer or shorter.

    If you don't have identical cases you may use note cards and envelopes instead.

    Envelope Version
    1. Write "flag" on one note card and leave the others blank.

    2. Then fold them in half, put them in a hat, shake it, grab one and seal it in an envelope. this way you won't know which one is the flag.

    *The envelopes can be placed in different objects so they don't get lost or ruined.

    We like to use game modifiers when playing mystery flag. You don't have to but it does make it more fun.
    To use game modifiers we attach note cards to the bottom of the case using the above method with an envelope. (put the note cards in the envelopes and make sure no one knows which modifier is on what case)

    Modifiers we use:
    One we use is (Yes Call of Duty reference sorry) Juggernaut. We made a suit or Jug armor out of cardboard and Duct tape. What this modifier does is the person can go retrieve the armor and put it on. Once it is on they can't be killed by gun fire. To kill them you must tag them. Once the Jug is tagged they are dead and he/she loses the armor and returns to normal playing rules.

    Another modifier we use is what we can "rally on me". When you have this your team respawns to you.
    But if the person with the modifier is shot they must respawn to the normal respawn. In other words they can not respawn to themselves.

    This modifier can be set to wear off on a time limit, Go away once the person with it is shot, or the other team takes the case that had the modifier attached to it.

    You can add any of your own to it you would like. Also you can use as many cases as your would like just make sure they weigh the same amount.

    What makes this game fun is your team never feels like they are ahead or safe because you don't know if you have the flag.

    This is just a random game type me and my buddies came up with I hope you guys find it as fun as we do.
    Happy Hunting
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    I love the game types,kind of hard to understand but after a reread or two they make perfect sense also with juggernaut we play the same thing except with a cardboard tank which is cardboard "armor" on a wagon and bicycle lol

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    Sorry its a little confusing. I reworded things quite a bit cause I just wrote if off the top of my head. I will try to edit it here and there.
    Just edited it hope its an easier read now.
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    Still both great ideas that I will use soon
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    I agree this is a great idea, defiantly going to give this a spin sometime.