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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by AWEsomeGamer, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Ive been looking at the KWA CQR MOD1. Ive heard that KWA's good and bad. The only experience ive had with them is their USP MATCH. I was wondering how well the CQR performs out of the box. Is it equal to a standard KWA? Or would it be better for me to get a ASGI Blazing Hog and then put some new internals in it. Basically im looking for something that comes with decent-great internals and/or externals to begin with that i can upgrade the part's that arent so great.
  2. rich635

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    It's the same 2GX gearbox but I heard it's slightly faster, shoots under 350, and has a polymer lower (not sure if replacable or not). Oh, and it comes with a different magazine, some polymer midcap I believe. Between the two the Blazing Hog would be better IF you upgrade it thoroughly. That means new wiring,new motor, tuning, etc. Otherwise, just take the CQR and slap on a new RAS.

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    Urggg. Why KWA. If I were you, I would get a King Arms or ICS M4. The KWA is just poo. It's cylinder is super ported (too much for the barrel length), it's cylinder head is a solid chunk of aluminum non ported (bad for high speeds and the gearbox front), most air seal parts are proprietary, the gears aren't too great, and the wiring is thin crappy wiring. The only things I like about KWAs are the metal spring guide and the hop up bucking.

    I only buy KWA gas guns, as they are actually very good.