Custom Vinyls.

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    Selling custom vinyls for guns and equipment

    Single color designs
    1inch by 1inch to 5inch by 5 inch designs $7
    6inch by 6inch to 8inch by 8 inch $10
    11inch by 11 inch to 12 inch by 12 inch designs $12s

    Anything larger or multiple layers of color will be calculated

    Will do full gun based design for:
    $25 for a pistol
    $35 for small smgs
    $45 for larger smgs and P.D.W.s
    $50-$70ARs and sniper rifles

    Colors:blue, red, white, green, yellow, purple, pink, black.
    Custom colors available. Additional charge.
    Glow in the dark vinyl available also additional charge.

    Shipping cost: (you pay what I pay to get it to you)
    (looking into making custom color vinyl night sight kit)
    Some work examples

    Contact me on Skype: Sworean,inc

    or email

    [email protected]
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