cxp 08 repair

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    This will make seem like an idiot but I know little about fixing airsoftguns,anyway I had someone "fix" my gun they had no idea what they were doing and made it worse. The good news is they only worked on the upper part of the gear box. Now when you shoot the it is really high pitched and the bb's just fall out of the barrel should I just buy a new upper gear box?
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    The high pitched sound could be an improperly adjusted motor. Use the adjustment screw at the base of the pistol grip to see if that fixes the issue. If not, could be a stripped gear.

    If the upper is not properly feeding BBs, it could be a tappet issue. Does the tappet plate spring back and forth in the upper?
    If so, the nozzle may not be properly fitted into the tappet plate. Or he replaced the nozzle with another nozzle not intended for the M4.