Cyma cm040 battery hatch coming off/ loose

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    Hello all, I have yet another issue. I had a cyma ak sent to me somewhat disassembled and I tried putting it back together. Everything seems to be fine besides the battery hatch area of the gun. I can get the hatch on but it looks like it’s loose and it wiggles around and I am able to take it off without pressing down on the battery latch spring as there is enough room for it to come off. I also believe the charging handle is tucked in how it should be so I don’t think that’s the issue but maybe I’m wrong. Idk if I’m missing parts once again or this is just how it’s supposed to be.

    The pictures I included are probably next to useless but at least the video kinda helps describe the issue. Idk if it’s a missing part or I put it together incorrectly or what.

    Also is there supposed to be a gap in between the battery hatch and the body like this?
    I can send more pics of something specific or take apart some if it and just show all the parts It came with atomic see if I’m missing anything.

    And anyone know if the number on the qc sticker can be connected to a date? If not it’s no big deal I’m just curious and don’t know how it works.

    edit: the screws and stuff on the towel are from the lower ris railing I didn’t bother attaching as I might have to take it apart again and I don’t think it would affect the battery hatch thingy. Also I think the air nozzle thing is stock, so that’s probably fine.
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    It looks like you don’t have it all the way forward. There’s a groove underneath the rear sight it has to sit in, and then you can literally just smack the back down and into place.

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    Plus the dust cover tab in the back should be spring loaded.

  4. Mike223

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    I got it! All it took was a few whacks on the battery hatch and it closed. I didn’t wanna hit it or anything at first because I didn’t wanna break anything but I guess that’s how I need to do it to close it.

    also originally I don’t think I had it in the grove at the front either but now it seems nice and sturdy.

    excuse my ignorance lol and Thank you for your help everyone.
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