cyma m14 ebr or ics galil

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by bal1, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. bal1

    bal1 New Member

    I'm stuck,I don't know which one to get, somebody help?
    I know nothing about either of them.
    I'd but the galil from a local retailer, or I'd buy the ebr from ams.

    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    The Cyma sure looks good, but AMS is faaaar less appealing... I'd say go with the Galil. It looks like a really solid gun.

    Plus, if I bought a M14 of whatever variant, it would be a G&G or Classic Army for the V2 and 3 Upgradeablity. Version 7 is ok, but V2/3 is far more common.

  3. JGhost

    JGhost Member

    I have the ICS Galil ARM w/wood handguard & the bipod. I love it. Very solid gun. Shoots nice. Haven't done any upgrades yet other than going from an 8.4v to a 9.6. Looking to get the top rail setup with a nice sight and may change the stock barrel for a tight-bore. I saw your other posts about mags, ICS only has one 400 rd hi-cap its metal and works pretty good. It wobbles a little but definitely won't come out. I saw a few other posts around about AK74 mags working. I ordered a couple different mid-caps from Evike and they both work fine. 1st one was a Matrix 140rd AK74 mag. I fits perfectly though I broke the front tab off the 1st day I had it. My fault though. I thought I had it the mag out and pulled it down to hard. 2nd one was a MAG 100 rd AK74 mag. Fits a little snug but nothing a little palm tap can't fix. I'm sure you could modify it a bit but its fine how it stands.
  4. Ehudakineyah

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    Both guns are good IMO lol.

    CYMA is a workhorse. V7 gearbox is a little different then your standard v2/v3, but if you're planning to just use it out of the box. It'll last you a long time.

    ICS Galil is a great gun. Not too many people running around with it. Solid and great urban style gun. Only down side is the battery compartment being small.