Cyma m14 problem/problems

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    Ok, so i had gotten this Cyma m14 off this guy, he said it needed to have work done on it only a fuse. I thought well ok you know thats an easy fix. Well, i opened the gun up and what it looks like is there is no wires to even connect the battery to. It came with 2 clamp on wires and it doesnt even work.
    So my question is.
    1.) For a new battery wire harness thingy (something that goes from the motor, and everything to the batter) where would i go?
    2.) When i connect everything up to the battery that is fully charged. It doesnt even make a noise. Is something else wrong?
    3.) What things would i need to get to replace whatever is wrong and how much? Also could you give me the links?

    Picture: Here is the picture of what it looks like