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    For sale here is a vintage Daisy Softair Model 45.

    This is a high quality replica made by Maruzen (Japanese airsoft company) and imported and sold under the Daisy brand back in the mid to late 1980's.

    In the world of airsoft, this would be considered a shell ejecting half-blowback springer.

    The magazine takes up to 7 plastic cartridges in which you can insert one standard 6mm BB.

    When you pull the trigger halfway through, the BB is propelled forward. Keep pulling it all the way and the slide flies back and ejects the shell.

    The last time I tested it, it had a tendency to break a part of the rim of the cartridges as the slide flies back. It wouldn't always extract/eject them correctly. It could be that the blowback and/or extractor springs are a bit too strong for the plastic cartridges (this could also be due to the age of the cartridges I used it with). To weaken those springs a bit, you could leave a cartridge in the chamber and leave the gun sitting with the slide closed, this would keep constant tension on those two springs.

    3D printing cartridges would also be an option.

    Keep in mind, this is a 30+ year old product.

    However the two-part action of the gun itself is flawless like it was when new. The trigger pull is a bit stiff though.

    Whether you use a cartridge in it or not, this replica can still serve as a better movie prop than any other spring powered gun, because the slide would "lock back" which is perfect for a "running out of ammo" scene.
    A regular spring gun would have no moving parts when firing so it would look cheap on camera.

    This basically sits between a traditional spring gun and a gas blowback one, except spring powered guns like this one basically require zero maintenance as there are no rubber seals to worry about.

    I already added silicone oil to the moving parts so you don't have to worry about it for a long time.

    No cartridges are included, but it uses the same exact ones as the Daisy Softair models 08, 09, 59.
    The cartridges of the model 12, 13 and 15 are not compatible with this model.

    These are extremely rare and hard to find replicas.

    Asking $85 shipped obo
    1478457383.jpeg 1751760364.jpeg 905514342.jpeg 343094338.jpeg 1250217676.jpeg 1287672760.jpeg 1309601039.jpeg
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    These were awesome! I had the MP5.
    Free bump!
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    I had the Smith and Wesson version that I got from Pamida
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    What's "Pamida"?

    And yeah I also have that same one (model 59) and the Beretta replica one (Model 09)
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    Pamida was an old chain "box" retailer in the 1980s and 90s.