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    I posted while back on Evike that there was a way to increase the accuracy of the Dan Wesson 715 after having had its accuracy degrade over the course of a month or two of heavy use due to a hole that was worn in the nub of the bucking (going to assume from the apparent low quality of the bucking that this is common). the steps are as follows.

    1. to open up the gun and remove the stock bucking you will need a pin punch or something small enough in diameter. Open the action (cylinder) and punch out the pin that is behind the cylinder and the one above it. this allows you to pull the gun apart revealing the barrel and the hop up unit.
    IMG_1811.JPG IMG_1812.JPG IMG_1813.JPG

    2. Purchase a replacement Hicappa/1911 hopup bucking(I tried it with a stock KJW one first then butchered one of the nicer ones I had lying around for the final product)

    3.remove the protrusion on the outside of the bucking to make it smooth on the outside. then find the nub on the inside of the bucking and make a cut down the length of the bucking on the opposite side as the as seen in step 4.
    IMG_1803.JPG IMG_1804.JPG

    4. using something to press the bucking flat, cut the bucking just behind the nub and is need be shorten to the length of the stock bucking by removing material from the non-nub side(above)

    5. Flattening the original nub with a ruler, measure its width and cut down replacement nub to a slightly larger specification (you can always remove material to make it fit but you can never add back). Do not worry too much about accuracy here a this is just a general fit. Here you can see the stock, my first attempt, and the final product (below)

    6. Once the new nub is down to the proper size now comes fitment. for this you will be fitting the bucking inside of the chamber. to begin shave down bucking from the front edge up to the nub itself as can be seen above in the stock and my first attempt. this is needed to fit the barrel into place and do this by pressing the bucking flat, aligning something to the nub so that you wont touch the nub even if your hand slips while sanding it down, then sand away (slowly).

    7. Now that the bucking fits you will need to cut down a groove in the top where the screw system that adjusts the hop-up sits (this is above the bucking nub). Put the barrel, hop up chamber, and upgrade bucking together then, using a pencil, mark the location where the adjustment piece would usually sit. Cut this out lightly at first taking off small pieces at time as to not produce the problem that you are attempting to fix.

    8. Now that the barrel, bucking, and hop up unit (with adjustment) all fit together the main
    part of the project comes and that is aligning the bucking nub with the barrel. When you first cut it down the probability that the nub is aligned perfectly the first time is close to zero so in this step small cuts will be made on the side of the bucking to center the nub as seen below. (this should be test fired to test for alignment) IMG_1824.JPG

    once you are done aligning your barrel and bucking put it all back together and shoot away!

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    Hi there! I'm going to try this!

    a) Anybody did this successfully and would like to share their experience?

    b) Is any "replacement Hicappa/1911 hopup bucking" fine or do you have more specific shopping advice?

    c) I should ad that I'm only using the "Low Power" shells, hope those are fine with this project?

    Thanks in advance for your answers