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    So this year there was a new airsoft field, DarkFire Airsoft, that was opened in Coldwater. MI. Anyone play there yet? How'd you like it? Haven't heard of it? Click this link:

    It's far from where I am but if it's a really good place to play at then I'd love to come check it out
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    I drive over an hour to go to every match they have, (that I can make it too) it's by far the biggest field I have ever played on. The games sometimes last an hour or longer. I haven't met anyone who said they didn't like the place. 10/10 would recommend

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    Hello! My name is Eric Donato, I am the owner of DarkFire Airsoft. First of all, I would like to say thank you very much to @TheDeafGuy for the compliments. If this helps at all, I would like to provide you with a basic description of our field and the games. I will try to keep all bias out of the description and stick to only facts so that way you can decide for yourself if it sound like fun.

    DarkFire Airsoft is an outdoor field located in Coldwater Michigan on 13.5 acres of land. Half of that area is forest, the other half is an open field. Half of the forest is a "new forest" (also know as the pit due to the fact that it was once a gravel pit) with lots of undergrowth and smaller trees with a bog located in it. The other half of the forest (AKA the platform), located next to the field, is about 5 feet higher than the pit and is a developed forest with less undergrowth and significantly larger trees. The field is a open, field with two hills.
    There are two "bases" located inside the forest on opposite ends of the platform. There are many barricades throughout the forest between the two bases. In the field, located at the highest point is the fortress with nearly 360 degree cover. There are also other barricades spread through the field to provide cover. On the more narrow part of the field is a tire arena that is still being worked on. It is currently usable but it is being expanded. Next to the tire arena is a section for building material for expanding/repairing bases and barricades, this area is a caution area.
    We have a very wide variety of game modes to play, most of which can be found in detail on our website in the game modes page. We try to make sure each game lasts at least an hour, many games can last 2-3 hours. In most cases, the games are more milsim based and rely more on tactics and strategy rather than just kills such as in speedsoft.
    On average we get anywhere between 15-20 people per game (this has been slowly increasing lately)

    If you would like any other information, I would be happy to provide that for you.
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    Suttons Bay
    Thanks for the info! This is reasonably close, so I’ll add it to my list to watch for.