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    First off, if this is against the rules or something, feel free to close it, I just didn't want to make like 10 different threads.

    Anyways, since I completely revamped my loadout, I have been purchasing from a lot of companies, so I thought I'd review each one.

    Evike (D): I have ordered from them successfully before, but not without my fair share of problems. Their website is great, easy to search and neatly organized, and their coupon codes are great, so A+ website. When my orders go through successfully, the shipping is fine, and there is no damage to the products, but the shipping is a bit slow, not their fault however, B. My real problem is with their customer service and the people who pack the products for shipping. I must say around 20-30% of the orders I've put through Evike have gone awry. I have been sent wrong products, wrong brands (I received a DE gun once when I ordered a JG) and even had missing products more times than I remember. For instance, I ordered a flashhider from them June 20th. It never arrived in the package. After days of speaking over e-mail they finally sent another one. It was the wrong one. Over a month later, I am still trying to get this issue resolved. In the future I will look for products on other sites before I turn to Evike.

    Apextactical (B+): The website was fairly easy to follow and the purchase went though smoothly. My only gripe was that I put in a request for express shipping to make sure I had it by t my Sunday game, and I sent him the extra money for it. He said it could be done, but at the last minute I was told it couldn't and my money was refunded. It still arrived on time, and the shipping was much faster than the 10-20 days I was told. Items came packed nicely, no damage.

    Ebairsoft (B+): Easy to follow website and fair pricing, shipping was a bit slow, but not their fault, I do however think they took a while to ship it out. The package was sealed in a parcel, a box would have been nicer, but nonetheless there was no damage to the products.

    RedwolfAirsoft (A+): Very easy to follow website, very good prices. They have many items that are hard to find at other places as well. The shipping is extremely fast, and they ship out your products literally almost an hour after you order. The packages are always free of damage. I will definitely order from this website again.

    Ehobbyasia (A): Good website, but the search system is a bit flawed, for example, if you type "Magpul MOE Grip" the search will consist of anything that has the words "Magpul" or "MOE" or "Grip", a bit annoying, but not hard to work around. As for ordering, the pricing is cheap, and the shipping isn't too pricy, considering it's from Asia. The shipping isn't too fast or too slow, and the products always come sealed tight and secure. They have my future business.

    Clandestineairsoft (A+): Easy to follow website and fair prices. The shipping is fast and the packages are packed well. They also have excellent customer service. My package had a note asking me to tell him about how the products performed, and asked for my feedback. Also, I thought a part was missing, so I emailed him, and without hesitation he was willing to send out another. Luckily I found this part hiding in the packaging of another, but great customer service nonetheless.

    Hs5Armory (A+): Nice website, very informative. The products arrive fast and packed nicely. Fair pricing too. Hs5 is also a really nice guy, very good communication, and very kind and helpful. Will do business with again.

    AirsoftoutletNW (A-): Nice website, and good pricing. The shipping was a bit long, and I recieved my tracking number after I got the package, but it arrived anyways, packaged nice and safe. They also included a nice handwritten note, telling me to enjoy my new rig. :p

    AirsoftAtlanta (A): Good website, products were packed nicely, average shipping. The usual.

    AirsoftGI (A): Good website, products were packed nicely, average shipping. The usual.

    A4Airsoft (D): Ordered from them to get a quick shipment of a rare product before a game. When it didn't arrive in the specified time frame I checked my paypal, only to see that they canceled my order without notifying me, 3 days after it was placed.

    That's all for now, hope these help some people.
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    Link to hs5 website?

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    I would actually prefer if you could create a thread for each company, so that it is easily visible without having to click the thread and open it. I'd lock this one and keep the other ones open. What do you say?
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    Sure, that's fine with me.
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    Sorry guys, couldn't resist.

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    Off topic, but I just want to let you know it took me a good hour or so to figure out that you're Aerosmith, lol. I was staring at my screen for a long time going, "Who IS this guy!?".

    I'll post the new threads once this one is locked up.