Database for Hardware-Related Airsoft Parts *Updated 3/12/11*

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    Taken from ASR with permission from aznriptide859, all credit to him and those who contributed to this thread.

    "In my experience I noticed that a LOT of normal hardware parts (electrical, plumbing, etc) can all be used for airsoft applications ranging from compression fixes, mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressors, and even spring spacers. It's disgusting how much airsoft retailers/manufacturers make off of simple parts you can replace with just stuff you can find at hardware stores. I think it'd be great to list a few parts that will help many airsofters on the forums. If you have something to add, please post .

    I have added personal notes to whether they have worked for me or not.

    Database for Hardware-Related Airsoft Parts
    by aznriptide859

    From McMaster-Carr (

    Piston X-rings (Non-Boreup)
    Part 6540K167 (Viton) - $9.06 for pack of 10
    Part 90025K238 (Duro) - $12.72 for pack of 100

    Note: Vitons CONFIRMED working. However, Duro results from one user has shown completely failure in compression for multiple guns. Until further notice/further testing from other members, please refrain from buying the Duro ones. Plus, the Viton ones are better

    Piston X-rings (Boreup) - courtesy of sdobbins
    Part 6540K141 (Viton) - $9.93 for pack of 10
    Part 90025K244 (Buna) - $13.00 for pack of 100


    Cylinder X-rings (Non-Boreup)
    Part 6540K129 (Viton) - $12.67 for pack of 25
    Part 90025K361 (Buna) - $12.06 for pack of 100

    Note: Might not fit some, as the diameter needed is in metric (MMC doesn't provide metric for O-rings).

    Cylinder X-rings (Boreup)
    Part 6540K166 (Viton) - $12.67 for pack of 25
    Part 90025K362 (Buna) - $12.10 for pack of 100

    Note: Not confirmed

    AEG M4 Charging Handle Enhanced Return Springs
    Part 9654K416 (1-1/2" L, 7/32" OD, 0.023" Wire) - $7.53 for pack of 12

    These are basically the return springs for AEG M4 charging handles - a LOT stronger than stock ones. Handles with these springs will now return faster and will not deform over time/heavy usage. CONFIRMED working.

    Small Size Metric Allen Wrenches
    Part 7289A31 (0.7mm Hex, 1-5/16") - $0.15 each
    Part 7289A32 (0.9mm Hex, 1-5/16") - $0.15 each
    Part 7289A33 (1.3mm Hex, 1-3/4") - $0.12 each
    Part 7289A11 (1.5mm Hex, 1-3/4") - $0.18 each

    0.9mm is used most for GBB small grub screws (such as in the TM 5-7 and KWA MP7), while 1.5mm and 1.3mm is used mostly for flash hider grub screws and other miscellaneous items. 0.7m are for very smaller screws such as G18 AEP's and the like. All CONFIRMED working.

    GBB Fill Valve O-rings
    Part 9452K111 (AS568A-001) - $1.87 for pack of 100
    Part 9452K311 (AS568A-001-1/2) - $2.82 for pack of 100
    Part 9452K112 (AS568A-002) - $1.87 for pack of 100

    Note: -001 is confirmed to fit TM fill valves, but unfortunately they caused filling issues so I took them off - use with caution. I haven't used -002 yet, but I suspect they can be used for larger valves (i.e. 40mm grenades). Also, the use of needlenose tweezers to stretch the O-ring is absolutely necessary - McMaster sells those as well if you don't have any already.

    On a sidenote, user Karab has informed me that he managed to use -002 O-rings for his KWA M9 PTP just fine - this technically should mean it will work with other KWA magazines, but do take that advice with a grain of salt.

    Flash Hider/Misc. 1.5mm Grub Hex Screws
    Part 91390A099 (M3, 1.5mm x 5mm) - $4.77 for pack of 100

    These are general grub/hex screws you find for flash hiders and other small items that require locking with something.

    Note: CONFIRMED working.

    Spare Gearbox Screws (+ head) - Courtesy of ImmortalZod
    Part 92000A118 (M3, 8mm) - $4.35 for pack of 100
    Part 92010A126 (M3, 16mm) - $7.03 for pack of 100

    The 8mm screws will be for the top screws (those on top of the cylinder assembly), while the 16mm ones will be for the rest (they are conical so will fit flush with the gearbox's externals).

    Note: CONFIRMED working by ImmortalZod.

    BAR-10 Scope Rail Screws - Courtesy of ctres94

    Part 92855A313 (M3, 12mm) - $3.83 for pack of 25

    Quote from: ctres94 on August 16, 2011, 04:26:08 PM
    Part #92855A313 m3 screws in 12mm length for Bar 10 scope rail. You might want to note that any m3X12 screw with a .5mm pitch will work, the ones I got were simply the cheapest and are silver as opposed to black. These work perfectly and screw in really smoothly. I got these because my stock ones were only 8mm and were to short.

    Note: CONFIRMED working by ctres94.

    Angle of Engagement Piston Adjustment Nylon Spacers
    Part 95606A180 (0.028"-0.034" thick) - $7.52 for pack of 100
    Part 95630A445 (0.027"-0.035" thick) - $4.39 for pack of 10 (thanks grmash)

    Note: CONFIRMED working.

    The 2nd listing is for a bushing that covers the entire area of the piston head. The 1st one is for a bushing that just goes around the outer diameter of the piston. The 1st one is cheaper, but it might allow for possible spacer movement - the 2nd one is preferred.

    Here is a picture showing what I mean - A180 on the left, A445 on the right.

    Polyurethane/Sorbothane Pads
    Part 8514K51 (1/8" thick, 40/50/70D) - $4.85 for 4" x 4" sheet
    Part 8514K52 (3/16" thick, 40/50/70D) - $5.37 for 4" x 4" sheet
    Part 8514K53 (1/4" thick, 40/50/70D) - $6.44 for 4" x 4" sheet

    D refers to durometer, or how hard the material is. Harder durometers are suggested for stronger springs (over 400fps) and softer ones are suggested for weaker springs. Do note with thicker pads, you may need to short stroke and do AoE adjustments for the piston.

    Note: CONFIRMED from other sources, however I will most likely do some tests of my own to make sure. Standby for further testing.

    TPE - Polyethylene - Courtesy of meancivicsi
    Part 8657K112 (1/8" thick, 42-66D) - $3.66 for 12" x 12" sheet
    Part 8657K113 (3/16" thick, 42-66D) - $5.31 for 12" x 12" sheet
    Part 8657K114 (1/4" thick, 42-66D) - $7.39 for 12" x 12" sheet
    Part 8619K441 (1/8" thick, 62-69D) - $4.03 for 12" x 12" sheet
    Part 8619K451 (3/16" thick, 62-69D) - $5.66 for 12" x 12" sheet
    Part 8619K461 (1/4" thick, 62-69D) - $7.36 for 12" x 12" sheet

    Read here for more info:

    TPE = thermoplastic elastomer. The lowest durometers I found were under polyethylene, so hopefully these could work. Same mods are applied to TPE as with sorbothane/polyurethane.

    NOTE: Above TPE were tested by utc_pryo and are not soft enough to register as an effective damper product. I'll research around and find an alternative, but in the meantime, don't get it.

    Hopup Resistance O-Rings - Courtesy of TehFish
    Part 2418T117 (Duro, -11, Medium-Soft, Milspec) - $9.97 for pack of 115
    Part 1879T17 (Duro, -11, Hard) - $2.96 for pack of 100

    Read here for more info:

    I have 2 options for the -11 O-ring since TF mentioned they should be soft, but the only ones that are med-soft are MilSpec ones - Std ones are hard/very hard.

    User Maydie has claimed to also use #6 O-rings from his local hardware store for the same mod.

    Note: CONFIRMED, at least the 1st part was. I use these on my Recce rifle, and the durometer is soft enough to where you can adjust it easily with a number of O-rings. I would suggest the 1st over the 2nd.

    40mm Grenade Bearings
    Part 9528K12 (5/32", for Madbull or larger-bearing grenades) - $3.15 for pack of 100
    Part 9292K33 (3mm, for KA/Moscart or smaller-bearing grenades) - $6.05 for pack of 100

    Grenade reset valve bearings for any 40mm gas grenade.

    Note: Larger sizes CONFIRMED working. Smaller sizes were confirmed by Lon3Wo1f.

    Tappet Plate Bearings - Courtesy of sdobbins
    Part 9292K31 (Alloy Steel, 2mm) - $6.16 for pack of 100
    Part 1598K18 (Stainless Steel, 2mm) - $10.60 for pack of 250
    Part 9614K71 (Delrin, 2mm) - $1.68 for pack of 100

    Read here for more info:

    Motor Connectors, Double Crimp
    Part 69525K59 - $1.47 for pack of 10 (16-14AWG wiring), $5.71 for pack of 100

    Note: All CONFIRMED working, basically exact same size as those found in AEG's, but a lot tougher than stock/ACM ones.

    Right-Angle Motor Connectors
    Part 7769K31 - $1.56 for a pack of 10 (18-22AWG wiring), $6.76 for a pack of 100
    Part 7769K33 - $1.56 for a pack of 10 (14-16AWG wiring), $6.76 for a pack of 100

    Similar to previously mentioned motor connectors, simply already bent for you.

    Note: CONFIRMED via other sources.

    M249 Feeding Springs/Tubes - Courtesy of killbucket
    Part 9664K49 - $3.36 for 3 feet
    Part 3038K192 - $11.60 for 10 feet

    Read here for more info:

    Note: Do not have M249, but via killbucket's thread this will work.

    1/16''-thick RDS/Scope Plexiglass Protectors
    Part 8574K24 - $4.07 for 12'' x 12''
    Part 8574K38 - $6.94 for 12'' x 24''
    Part 8574K51 - $12.42 for 24'' x 24''

    Note: CONFIRMED working.

    Wire Mesh (Perforated Steel) - 41% Viewing Area
    Part 9255T251 - $39.73 for 36" x 40"

    Same mesh that Bitter End uses in their mesh goggles - perforated steel (VERY strong), and NOT woven mesh. However I cannot endorse that these provide better protection than ANSI-approved lenses for googles; use at your own risk.

    Note: Never attempted, though uscmCorps of Arnie's has used it on a "Heat" mask."
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    "Hardware Store Items (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.)

    Mock Mock MOCK mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressors
    1.5"/1.25" PVC/CPVC/Aluminum tubing for outer cover, 0.25" PVC/CPVC/Alum tubing for inner "outer" barrel.

    Best to mold over stock flash hider - there are multiple threads about making mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressors. If you need help please post in this thread.

    I find that 1" PVC works best, along with some tough CD's - the result is lightweight, yet tough. Use JBWeld to glue sections together. BE CAREFUL not to apply stresses to this, i.e. swing it around corners or hit doors with it, as the extra stress will cause the mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock silencer to break.

    Spacers (from 1/4'' to 1'1/2'')
    Spring spacers can work in both springers and AEG's (not recommended). Mainly for use in spring guns/rifles. Look at your local store for "brass compression sleeves", like this one:

    Note: CONFIRMED working, both on DPMS A-15 and Hardballer in the far far past .

    Barrel Threading Nuts
    If you need nuts for your own custom flash hider or mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock suppressors, Katatonia has suggested 9/16" nuts or, if metric, 14mm. The actual measurement is 14mm, but this is the closest English measurement; if you have access to metric ones, that's better.

    JG Bar-10 Stock Screws - Courtesy to CottonTheMoth
    Rear screw: #10-32 x 1-1/4" (Round Head slotted)
    Front screw: #10-32 x 5/8" (Round Head slotted)

    Note: One user has said that the gun will not cock anymore with these screws attached. Please someone else confirm this.

    You should be able to source these from Home Depot or anyone else that sells screws - just ask!

    M4 Buffer Tube Screws
    Quoted from PaperPlane (thanks):
    I'm not sure if it is the same size for all other AEG's, but for my Echo 1 HK416, if you lost the bolt that connects/secures the buffer tube to the body, you can use part number (10-32) X 3in. I couldn't find any with phillips heads, but I just got the single slot head since I didn't really care.. There are 3 bolts per package, and 3 nuts. It's in a green small package, costs 98 cents, and it says "MACHINE" on the top. Can be found in the nail/screw/fasteners section at Home Depot.

    Other Locations

    Gearbox Ball Bearings - Courtesy of utc_pyro
    8mm: 3x8x3mm flanged sealed bearings (3x8x3F)
    7mm: 3x7x3mm flanged sealed bearings (3x7x3F)
    6mm: 3x6x2.5mm flanged sealed bearings (3x6x2.5F)
    AEP: 2.6x6x2.5mm flanged sealed bearings

    For those who want to purchase their own ball bearing sizes, you can get these at Boca Bearings (

    Any other items worth noting, please let me know! It's been a while since I updated, but if you give me suggestions I will add it to the list."

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    a definite bookmark.

    this deserves a sticky mods!

    thanks s0m3_0ne3
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    Stickied it. Great guide, very useful.
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    Absolutely great thread. Super useful and informative. Thank you so much for posting!!!!
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    Thanks guys, saw this on a few other forums and decided AS would benefit from the info.
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    This is the kind of stuff that needs to be posted in this form. Not childish arguments between JG and G&G CM's. Or stupid which guns better threads between KWA, G&P, or VFC!!!

    <rant end>
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    I have been around here for some time and do not know how I missed this thread, but I am so glad I found it. After reading through it, I have discovered an answer to a problem that has been preventing me from moving forward with an idea I've been working on for more than a year. The information related to the feed springs for M249/60 boxmags was just what I needed. I have looked into having these springs made by a local shop and the costs were too expensive for a prototype, but after seeing that McMaster-Carr carries them and at a reasonable price, I may have to revisit that idea.

    I know it's been a while since this thread was last revived, but I would just like to express my thanks to the OP, if he is still around.

    Oh, and that tappet plate ball-bearing idea has me thinking as well, but I think I know a better way to do it, I'll have to test my theory. Who knows, I may discover a new mod that will improve performance, maybe.
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    Camp Shelby
    After experimenting with O-rings, it seems that a #5 O-ring would fit better over the hop-up feeding nozzle. A #6 works great, but is somewhat loose.
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    What about trigger contacts(the contacts themselves) i don't want to buy a whole new switch assembly when i can probably find something more hardy to use.
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    Montgomery Creek/Redding
    There are a ton of part numbers but who's part numbers are they? I can't just walk into ACE or Home Depot and say I need a 9654K416.
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    It says in his post, a few lines from the top. I quoted it for you.
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    Great post. Here are the part numbers from McMaster-Carr for wiring. I recently purchased this and rewired my rifle as well. Same specs as the Alpha Wire that's used for most mosfets except you can purchase this in small quantities (as low as 10'). I would also say that this wire is a little better. The coating is a little tougher and more resistant to nicks and cuts.

    Outer Diameter: 0.08"
    Current: 17 A @ 86° F
    Voltage: 600V AC
    Temperature Range: -65° to 390° F
    Specifications Met: UL Flame Rated VW-1; MIL-W-16878/4

    16awg (Any color you'd like):
    22awg (gate wire - All colors):
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    I found these while assisting a fellow airsofter (newb) look for replacement bearings for his gun. We did find standard bearings at a place called Stampede Airsoft, but I continued to research and found these. I contacted Stampede and they confirmed the bearings are 4mm thick. The bearings listed below are much more expensive, but I believe they are of much higher quality than standard. So, if you can't find them anywhere else, and you're willing to spend the money, go for it.

    M249 Ball Bearings



    Applied Technologies
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    What are the benefits to using X o-rings?
    And where might I be able to find standard piston head o-rings on MCC?
    Great thread!!!
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    In Airsoft, there is no benefit for "X" orins and in some piston heads they will hinder proper performance and not enhance it in any way.

    Look at how a piston head works now and you will understand.

    There is no "standard" its a guideline and Number 14 is the guideline.
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    Wish there were part no's. for the maxx hop up unit. I trashed the spring that goes underneath the hop up arm. Also wish there was a parts no. for a stronger tappet plate spring