DBoys M4 CASV Random Part

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Gillardman313, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Gillardman313

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    So after a recent purchase of the DBoys M4 CASV I found a part in the box that I have no clue what it is; everyone that I have asked has come up with the exact same response and no one seems to know what it is, after a quick web search nothing useful was turned up except a couple of pictures of the same part being sold with individual hand guards; so does anyone have any clue what this part is or what it does?[​IMG]
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    Gillardman313, If you open your Casv up and look on the top of the inside of the hand guard you should see where the screws hold the upper rail system. The second to last hole, the small one, on the hand guard towards the end is where this screws in. leave the nut where it is as it acts as a spacer. The purpose of this piece is to lock the upper hand guard of the Casv system to the Barrel nut (the star shaped ring) inside the delta ring and make it more secure. Here is an example I found online. Just google Casv and you will see some pics of others open showing where it goes.

    Hope this helps.