Dboys SCAR-L quick upgrades

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    I have a couple of questions regarding some of the upgrades mentioned in previous threads. I started a new thread as to no threadjack, mainly because I had specific questions that perhaps weren't on topic with the OP's post.

    I've found good info in these two threads:

    However, I have a couple of questions that still remain.
    I plan on doing just a couple of quick upgrades.
    Bushing replacement
    Barrel stabilization with teflon tape
    Teflon the cylinder
    New o-ring
    Air seal nozzle

    I may add these two upgrades as well:
    6.01mm barrel

    Here are my questions:
    1. Barrel stabilization: I haven't seen a video for this, but it seems fairly self explanatory. Am I just putting enough tape around the barrel to take up the clearance between the inner and outer barrels? Where do I apply the tape?

    2. Teflon the cylinder: again, it seems pretty self explanatory but I'd love to read and/or see how you guys have done this.

    3. O-ring and Air seal nozzle: I could use some general explanation and/or tips on these two items.

    4. Spring: It looks like the "local" field as a 450fps limit. I haven't chrono'd the AEG myself, but I think it's at 380fps w/.2. What spring would get me close, but not over, that 450fps limit? I know certain springs are for certain ranges of FPS, but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. Maybe this mod isn't worth it?

    Ultimately, I'm looking for an increased RoF and some degree of increased accuracy and range as well. I already have a 9.6v battery to put in. Will my stock gears hold up with these mods? I plan on replacing them in about a year, so they really only need to last that long.

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    1. I use regular electrical tape or Scotch "magic" tape. Any tape works, the point is to fill the gap to make the barrel stable.
    2. You put a layer of teflontape outside the o-ring on the cylinder head to make it fit more snug in the cylinder, giving a better seal.
    3. A #14 o-ring from any hardware store will do the trick. I have had great experience with Lonex air seal nozzles myself.
    4. An M120 spring will put you at 400fps or slightly more if you have good compression.

    The stock gears should hold up well if you shim them properly by the bevel gear method. A 6.01mm barrel won't necessarily increase your accuracy, try stabilizing your stock barrel first and tweak the hop-up and you may save the money that a new precision barrel would cost you. Regarding the battery, if it's a high quality 9.6v ni-mh with 3000mAh or more it will get the job done, if not, replace it with a 7.4v or 11.1v li-po that can give at least 30A, meaning 1000mAh or more at 30C discharge rating. If you go with an 11.1v li-po, I highly recommend installing a basic mosfet unit, I recommend this regardless of battery voltage or type really, it's just more efficient and reliable.