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Discussion in 'Wisconsin Airsoft Forum' started by taintedflesh, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. taintedflesh

    taintedflesh New Member

    Hey guys lookin to get a list of players for some more battle time!

    Post your name if your interested!

    If theres enough people i will post dates a month in advance for greenleaf field and close by places.

    Ill kick it off!

    De pere airsoft player list

    taintedflesh de pere wi
  2. W3aTh3rmAn

    W3aTh3rmAn New Member

    Hey man I'm from Hortonville just on the other side of Appleton, I'm looking to go to Nelson field quite a few times this spring and summer. I just played my first organized game in Commando earlier today. I usually play with a group of 4-5 friends

  3. Shadowkiller88

    Shadowkiller88 New Member

    West De Pere
    I too am from De Pere, maybe I know you haha, but if you're interested in playing some games hit me up. Hopefully I'll be around and able to get to the field!