Deacon's SEAL Attempt.

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  1. Deacon

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    Gear List:

    Plate Carrier and Accessories (SFLCS Kit)-
    MBAV in MJK
    3x Eagle Industries 5.52 Doubles in MJK
    1x Allied Industries Shingle in MJK
    1x Eagle Industries 100 Rd "Nutsack" Pouch in MJK
    1x Eagle Industries Charge Pouch in MJK
    1x Maxpedition F.I.G.H.T IFAK in Khaki

    Magpul MS3 in CB (Closest to matching)

    AOR2 Blouse, Pants, Hat (When I'm not wearing Lid)

    OPS Core Replica
    S&S V-Light Red On/Blink/Off
    NAR MED patches (EMT)
    Clone Wilcox NOD Mount
    Custom paint and Velcro

    Keen Targhee II Mid

    Main Fighting weapon (Block II)
    King Arms M4 Base repainted receiver black
    Madbull 12" RISII in FDE
    VFC K Style Front BUIS
    Matech 600M Rear BUIS
    Tango Down Rail panels w/ Pressure pad pocket
    EOTech XPS3-0 in FDE, Milspec
    VFC Knights Armament Suppressor
    VFC Sopmod Crane Stock in FDE
    CQD Rear Sling mount

    That should be everything at the moment. Waiting on a SFLCS Admin to show up and some 9mm pouches.

    Comments? Critiques?
  2. Knief

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    Put Crye MC under that and you've got a great Ranger kit. I don't know about a 14.5" AR or an MBAV for a SEAL kit. They're certainly not common. What are you thinking about for a first line?

  3. Deacon

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    These were the images I was using. I just decided to use AOR2 in place. I'll have to look into obtaining a different barrel/rail combo. If I can obtain a 416 I'll probably end up going that route.
  4. johngol10

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    I'd do bad things to this kit.

    Moar full kit pics. :3
  5. Deacon

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    I'm going to be at a private game tomorrow so I'll see about grabbing photos of the kit in action.

    1st line is still undecided. Waiting on the KWA M226 to be re-released. Might end up going with a KWA HK45.