Dealing with people who dont call hits

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by IcedFox, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. IcedFox

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    My question is how do you deal with those who don't call their hits? Obvious and most popular ways - shoot til they scream, talk to them or talk to a ref - hardly work. Refs can't keep their eyes on every single person, talking turns into arguing and my .30s are way too expensive to waste them on idiots. Any other suggestions?
  2. Sharp

    Sharp Member

    If refs get enough complaints they'll have to remove the player. Ask if anyone else has had the issue (preferably if the guy is with a party to not ask them) Or just call em' out on in, half the time I do that they apologize and stop.

    Or, If you can't beat em', join em'.

  3. RCV

    RCV New Member

    Walk right up to them a give them a good talk. Hold the trigger down at them until they get pissed or call out. I just shoot them all day if they don't call it.
  4. Shady

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    I keep one spare mag in my dump pouch, it's reserved for hit shruggers. This is the only hicap I own and it is loaded with .40s. If someone decides not to call their hits, I put in that mag and hit them till they call. And with .40's that happens pretty quickly.
  5. Cinder117

    Cinder117 New Member

    Lol, you do the same? Well I do almost the sane. I use .60 gram lol :) and I fill a box mag every 2 months :) .
  6. Shady

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    I seen .80s on Evike and was gonna get them till I noticed they are metal.
  7. Fritz

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    Camp Shelby
    In our games, if my buddy doesn't call his hits, he is approached directly and shot in the torso/leg from less than five feet away with my Glock ST-17. You don't play by the rules, then neither do the punishers.
  8. milkshake38

    milkshake38 New Member

    I just get closer and shoot him again. If he still doesn't call his hit, I talk to him after the match. If he still doesn't call hits, then I go to the ref (the refs at the field I play at know me pretty well and they know I don't go to them unless it's really true)
  9. Soda

    Soda New Member

    I jus switch to full auto. The refs will know something's wrong when the guy i'm shooting at does the "potty dance" and doesnt call himself out.
  10. gunerforWP

    gunerforWP New Member

    Try telling the rule-breaker to call their hits, or else.
  11. IcedFox

    IcedFox New Member

    Hmmm... Those .60s might be a good idea. I think im gonna try em =) cant really reason with kids
  12. alex

    alex New Member

    don't let it get to you. i'm sure you've had players come up to you and said they hit you and you didn't call your hit. i had to step in a few times when a player called out another and i witnessed that it wasn't a hit. i use 12x magnification and i can tell if i hit a player or not. many times i missed while the guy next to me tells me that my target isn't calling his hit.
  13. ARC

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    East Lansing
    If you know 130% you get the hit on the player, and see the bb hit them or bounce of them, etc, and they don't call themselves out, then just don't even acknowledge their presence on the field anymore [EDIT] Also, let your team-mates know that you shot that player and watched/heard the bb hit the player not calling the hits and tell them not to worry about that player anymore[/EDIT]. If they shoot you, walk through it. Just continue your game as if they weren't there. And if they yell "HEY CALL YOUR HIT!" just ignore it. I've found this effective the few times I've done it. Also as I pass by them, I'm sure to put a round into their plate carrier (or if they are without one, their leg), and say something along the lines of "you should have called your hits earlier."

    The best example of this was when I walked into an enemy area, and I tapped another player with my rubber knife and said "knife kill" and he didn't call it , he even said "Oh I'm not calling that." and shot me several times, I just ignored his shots and kept rolling through their territory until I got officially out. He eventually realized what I was doing and left the field. And before anyone jumps and says "knife kills aren't always supposed to be accepted" that field said they were allowed and must be called if the player knifing has a the absolute drop on another player.
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  14. tjhimes

    tjhimes New Member

    Well some kids, I dislike physical harm enough a .25 compels me to call hit...
  15. stxrus

    stxrus New Member

    Cotton Valley
    tere are no sanctioned fields here. we have 4 locations, on private land, where we play. if the "not calling hits issue" gets bad enough the offender is just not invited back. so far 2 folks have been banned from playing with us. pretty effective.
  16. CommanderLukas

    CommanderLukas New Member

    Switch to auto, then aim higher.
  17. TeamWhiteHorse

    TeamWhiteHorse New Member

    Contact a ref or field marshall. I have a camera on my gun so I just show them the footage to back my statement up.
  18. PhyxsioN

    PhyxsioN New Member

    I usually shoot an arrow to their knee.
  19. Jacgren

    Jacgren Member

    It depends, if it's a small kid I run up shooting at them until they call out. If it's an older gentleman (or woman in some cases) I proceed to shoot them in the face, because most people over 18 don't wear full face protection, or groin area. If they STILL don't call out I beat them. With a 2x4.
  20. Soda

    Soda New Member

    Great, now your going to get a bunch of hate replies telling you how "unsafe" that is