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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Tornado-Airsoft, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Tornado-Airsoft

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    I am planing on getting a G&P carbine V5. Do you guys know if you can buy regular batteries with Deans Connectors and not use a lipo?
  2. SD1014x

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    You can buy non lipos (Evike definitely has them) with deans connectors or get an adapter for a battery with tamiyea connectors

  3. 1badweasel

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    Santa Rosa
    You can also buy the deans connectors individually and solder them on yourself. I've done that to all my battiers with Tamiya plugs.
  4. S1kkguy

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    Soldering connectors on is the best, adapters will just take away the benefitsof using deans. Your connection is as good as its weakest point=tamiya
  5. Ze_Glocksman

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    He's right. If you were to want a battery to have deans then just buy some from clandestine airsoft and solder them on yourself. If your new to soldering then I recommended doing a little bit of research on it and practice on some spare wiring.
  6. ncore

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    I totally recommend buying your own deans and soldering them yourself.

    Dont have a soldering iron? You can pick one up at walmart for under $10.

    My first time soldering was about 2 weeks ago. I had to solder everything to deans and I also had to completely rewire my gearbox. The walmart soldering iron will work fine, but because it is low quality, it may be for frustrating to use. On mine, the solder would not bead up right, then I switched out the soldering iron prong thing and it worked fine.

    Soldering is a great skill everybody should learn. Want a spare battery charger but don't want to pay for it? Just cut the end off of a ac/dc wall charger you arent using and solder it to deans. Don't want to destroy the charger? After cutting the wire, solder both ends to deans so you can just plug the wires back together and use the charger to charge whatever you were going to.

    Soldering is great, there are few more useful skills out there, especially since you can solder a MOSFET unit together for under $10...
  7. Tornado-Airsoft

    Tornado-Airsoft New Member

    Thanks guys i appreciate all the help.