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Discussion in 'Forum Support and Announcements' started by miken2006, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. miken2006

    miken2006 New Member

    Anybody getting their posts deleted as often as me?

    I understand the whole spelling thing... I mean I've used "u" instead of "you" on a few posts that got deleted. Then I see posts that have horrible mis spellings and have not been deleted. Or a mod will post something about mis spellings as an edit but not delete the post.

    I've spent 20 + minutes replying to a thread to help the OP and my post gets deleted for 1 or 2 mis spellings. I mean I have a vast knowledge on certain subjects and my posts are meant to help or completly resolve an issue and they get deleted!!!

    Why not just edit the post for me as a mod instead of completely deleting a helpful post? How are you ( the moderator ) helping by deleting a post? How is anybody benefiting?

    I've even seen instances of mods thread crapping!! I've also had posts with absolutely no mis spelling deleted!!!

    I love this site but am noticing that some of the mods (not all) here are on a power trip. Am I the only one that sees this???

    Im going to assume this thread gets deleted... Though I have proof read this multiple times to hope that it doesn't.

    Please leave feedback so I know I'm not the only one.
  2. Munishin

    Munishin Well-Known Member

    Not to be rude but you must be doing something wrong if your posts are getting deleted as often as you make them out to be. Also if you see you've made spelling mistakes or grammatical errors you can always go back and click that edit button to the bottom right of your post. Maybe your posts aren't even getting deleted it could even be a bug or error of some sort that could be straightened out by contacting a mod.

  3. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member Supporting Member

    I read through a few pages of your last posts and all your posts that were deleted deserved to be deleted.

    Read over the rules again and make sure you're following them. If you follow the rules and have common sense, your posts won't be deleted.
  4. Fyzix

    Fyzix Fyzzy Was Here. Supporting Member

    The moderators WILL delete your post for profanity, or self edited profanity. There have been cases where a mod has PMed me and asked me to edit my profanity, but they usually just get deleted without any previous notice.

    I don't know about your posts (Haven't really been posting lately) but the mods warn once or twice for bad grammar, then say bye-bye to your post/s. However, I don't think they'll delete posts for a few 'u's or typos. It generally has to be pretty bad for a delete...
  5. miken2006

    miken2006 New Member

    You're not being rude at all. Actually you're being quite helpful.

    I wish i was given the oppertunity to edit a post for mis spelling. Instead most deleted posts i havent been given a warning or reason.

    On 2 occasions including a recent one i received a mesaage from a moderator on why my post was deleted. That i appreciate very much as it teaches me what i am doing wrong. But most occasions the post is just deleted.
  6. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    OP's inquiry was answered.
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