Desert Marauders is looking for members

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    Rancho Cucamonga
    Team Name:
    Desert Marauders

    Team Website:

    Primary Location:
    Los Angeles, Inland Empire

    Current number of members:

    Primary Team Contact:
    [email protected] if you wish to reply by email.
    Otherwise Private message me on airsoft society messages or reply back to this post.

    Primary Playing Field(s):
    Tac City, SC Viper, Desert Fox, Code Red, Insight Interactive

    Recruitment Age:
    18 or older, mature and with a reliable mode of transportation. Exceptions will be made dependent on team leadership approval. Looking for people dedicated to going into milsim operations. We are looking to expand to 14 member team.

    Uniform/Impression/Weapons SOP:

    Specialized or Specific Gun/Equipment:
    GBBR preferable KWA LM4 as a primary

    Team Background/Philosophy/Mission Statement:
    The Desert Marauders through training, discipline, and percipience, will excel on the field in any mission we are tasked.
    1.)With an ever changing battlefield we will dutiful train to adapt to evolving conditions that can be faced from time to time.
    2.)Our discipline will be without reproach and uphold our core values. Maintaining professionalism and integrity at all times.
    3.)Through percipience our team will accomplish the mission by pushing ourselves beyond the normal individual. This will be done with courage and selflessness to the mission and team.

    Looking for:
    As stated above looking for members that share our values and vision. We need 12+ people to join our team. If you have questions I am here to answers so do not be afraid to ask!