Did I get the wrong burst control?

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Unsilenced, Jan 24, 2016.

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    So I used the "Burst Avocado II" to convert my full-auto-only STEN gun into a semi-auto gun, and while it appears to have worked I've had a lot of failures to fire, as well as double-cambering during my first game with it. Looking at the page for the device I've noticed that it is stated as being for LiPo batteries, while my gun uses Ni-MH.


    Have I made a disasterous mistake, or have I merely inconvenienced myself with buying an unnecessary part that I will need to replace?

    Or does it not matter at all and my gun is just kind of a lemon for other reasons?

    Should I buy this instead?
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    I have not used an avocado so I can't comment on their reliability, I have used 3 different models of the burst wizard and have not had issues whatsoever out of any of them. If you plan to buy one, why not buy one directly from the maker instead of Evike?


  3. Unsilenced

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    I don't know if I need to buy one or if there's another problem with my gun. Also, that site isn't offering them any cheaper than evike, so I figure I might as well go for evike and use their free shipping code or get it with some other items.

    Two little updates: I've been told that a friend of a friend thinks the gearbox's on these guns (Modified v.7) are just irredeemable arse, and that it might just be a lemon of a gun, which would make me kind of sad.

    I also ran about 150 rounds through it this morning with the battery hot off the charger and didn't have a single dry fire, though I did find a broken pellet in the catch after, which gave me some concern and put an end to the science experiments until I learn a little more.