Did the brand kill my gun?

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by megadabedabe, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Ok I have a M4A1 carbine full crane stock, full length barrel. It has a full metal gearbox full metal body (upper and lower receiver), hop up system. The gun shoots at 370 fps on the dot, but there is one big thing that turned me off about my gun, I looked on the box it came in and on the box it had a little sticker that said "licensed by cybergun" This really pissed me off, eventhough this gun is really good and really powerfull it is still licensed by cybergun. I don't know what I got myself into but am I completely screwed? Can I still rely that it was also fully licensed by Colt too? :confused: :(
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    It sounds like a King arms. It should be fine. King arms guns are pretty good.

  3. Nelson

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    Why does everyone think that Cybergun is Satan? They license guns, thats it. They put trades on a gun. Look at the company that built the gun not the company that put trades on it. For example the king arms blackwater 15 is licensed by cybergun and it is a fantastic gun with that great king arms quality.
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    3 of my teams rifles are cyberguns, and they perform great. My AK47 I sold to my brother, and out of the box this rifle was nearly perfect. AOE was on the spot, and compression was as good as it gets. Iv hit people with it around 200ft easily. Wish I did'ent sell it now. We also have a cybergun colt that is incredible also. I haven't messed with it yet, but its ROF is shooting in the 20s. Plus has some good range as well, but that could be better.
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    I had a cybergun galil, and it never had a single problem. Bought it used, used it for a while, sold it to a friend, still works perfect. But for some reason, Cybergun does still sketch me out. I see their logo on far too many clear springers at the local ****'s. I understand they don't make the guns, but the fact that they dont care if they put their name on garbage tells me something.
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    Yeah its like buying expensive french cheese that says brought to you by kraft foods.
    (couldn't think of a better analoge)
    The cheese is gonna be good but you will always have a sneaking suspicion about it.
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    You've also gotta look at some of the crap they've tried to pull. I'll have to find the list, but some of the copy rights they've applied for is ridiculous. They tried to copy right the term Hop Up.
  8. Fyzix

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    Seriously? Copyrighting something they didn't even come up with?? That's messed up.

    But OP, I always thought Cybergun should be avoided and tried to get my friend to buy the King Arms Thompson rather than the one licensed by Cybergun (even though they're the same thing) just because it said 'Cybergun' on the side. However, I'm thoroughly impressed with it, nothing seems to be much different from the KA Thompson, except for the trades.

    Same with all the other Cybergun rebrands I've held. But there's always a little seed of doubt in my mind, and I think it'll always be there as long as Cybergun puts their name on Wally world crap.