Difference of regular airsoft and milsim

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    I just wanted to know the difference of those to. I have always been confused by thise two terms. Please answer!
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    'Regular airsoft' is about anything related to airsoft. But Milslim, er, too long to explain. Take wikepedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MilSim

    EDIT: Yes! I got this in before marine....

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    I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread like this before... Except instead of regular airsoft it said skirmish.
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    Dead on with "regular airsoft"
    MilSim takes many aspects, but the one thing that remains the same are mag restrictions, often weapon restrictions, and often game types. Game types are similar to real world scenarios, where often you're not focused on eliminating every single breathing thing on the field, but more over complete a mission, often near covert.
    There's much more to it, but that's the general idea.
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    Yay, I'm spot on. The link should be everything you need to know.
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    On our fields around here MilSim is squad structure based gameplay
    You are not a free agent or a mercenary (unless thats your a role player in the game)
    Midcaps only are allowed with having only the SAW available for full auto fire and a box mag. All Other rifles must be mid capped with Semi only. Sniper Weapon Systems must be bolt action or mechanically semi only. This is an example of a squad structure for local MilSim games.

    MilSim Structure-
    Squad Leader- SQL- Responsible for the behavior of his squad. Responsible for connecting his squad net to the command net, and relaying strategic decisions into tactics. Responsible for the orientation, travel, formation, and activity of the fireteams. NO SQUAD WILL DEPART WITHOUT A SQL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DISCIPLINE AND BEHAVIOR OF THEIR TEAM. Squad leaders may only engage targets with their weapons set to semi-only operation.

    Fireteam leaders- FTL- (2) FTLs are responsible for the direction, fires, and activity of their respective fireteams in accordance with strategic and tactical direction from SQLs. fireteam leaders may only engage targets with their weapons set to semi-only operation.

    Riflemen- RM- Responsible for precise and tactical fires in accordance with squad mission and unit security. Riflemen may only engage targets with their weapons set to semi-only operation.

    Medics- MED- Responsible for tactical fires, and adhering closely to the intent and letter of the the in game medical support for their fireteam. NO FIRETEAMS WILL DEPART WITHOUT MEDICS. Medics may only engage targets with their weapons set to semi-only operation.

    Riflemen-Grenadiers- GRN- responsible for area effect weapons. While any player may weild thrown fragmentation, smoke, or flashbang grenades, only the grenadier can operate a shell style launcher, firing rockets (versus players and shields, no area effects) smokes, or BB bursts in support of fireteam objectives and security. Should the team lack the assets for a GRN, then they revert to riflemen. Riflemen and grenadiers may only engage targets with their weapons set to semi-only operation.

    Squad Automatic Rifleman- SAW- SAW gunners are responsible for the suppression of enemy positions, and the covering of friendly movement in accordance with fireteam/squad goals and security. Should the team lack the SAW assets, then this position reverts to RFLMN. SAW gunners are allowed to operate their weapons on full auto, subject only to the following restrictions-
    * do not engage within 40 feet with FA (short bursts only);
    * SAW gunners must obey the Urban/50' radius rule.

    Recon- RCN- Sniper/Spotter- Recon teams are made up of two members. One may carry a Bolt Action (or mechanically/electronically modified to shoot semi only) rifle while the other will follow the Rifleman Role. The Recon team is separate from the squad and does not need to follow squad rules. Their main objective is to provide intel to their assigned squad and take long range shots at valued targets (MED, SAW, SQL, FTL, GRN and RM in that order)
    *Do not engage within 100ft with primary SWS (Sniper Weapon System)

    Designated Marksman- SDM- Same description and rules as Rifleman but allows for longer range and more accurate shots

    A basic squad is made up of 11 people with the optional detached Recon squad. There are variations that allow for more members in the squad as well
    1 - SQL
    2 - FTL
    2- RM
    2 - GRN
    2 - MED
    2 - SAW

    Each squad can have a Recon team made up of a "sniper and spotter"
    Spotter is a RM position to supply support for his shooter.

    Regular airsoft is anything not MilSim styled.
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    regular airsoft: You get hit, you call it and put on your dead rag.

    Milsim: You get hit, you have 5 minutes for a medic to save you before you bleed out. If no medic comes, then you're dead and you put on your dead rag.

    And that's just one difference, as I'm sure more will elaborate.