Differences in ICS MP5 line

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    ICS has at least 3 different MP5 lines. I've googled and tried to search forums but most often ICS and MP5 are too small of a search term. So theres...

    1. The low end all ABS/Plastic body line.

    2. The standard Metal upper/ABS lower line.

    3. The Airsoft Elite "high end" line.

    I'm trying to decide between an A4 or SD5 in either the standard or Elite line and I want to know if the 35-$40 difference in price is worth it between the two.

    According to one site the "Elite" has reinforced gears, gearbox, and bearing spring guide. Alum. piston, vented cylinder, improved tappet plate, dutch oil bushings, and upgraded spring.

    Would the $35 be worthwhile or would I be better off picking up some parts off Clandestine