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    Hello, so I just found an airsoft outdoor field, and it occurred to me. That I really only have CQB guns. Sniper rifles look to be too expensive to maintain, and use, while I don't want to run around with a P90 in engagement distances that are at least 50 feet. So I heard about DMRs, and they seem to kind of fit my play style, because even in CQB I often stay back and play more of an aggressive defence. DMRs seem to have that nature. Now the only thing about this is I don't want to pay $450 for an SR25, so I think I may convert a base gun to more of a DMR. The two guns I'm stuck in between are the G&G Combat Machine (with rails) and the Echo 1 XCR-L AEG. The XCR-C AEG would work too. The CM16 has more customisation options, being a really common gun, but the XCR-L/C make me a tad bit more unique, and the XCR has a higher FPS.

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    Well I believe the Echo 1 XCR-L/C is OEM AGM. I say this because if you buy Echo, you're going to pay a bit extra for Echo's quality control and warranty. Typically it's not a big deal, unless you plan on upgrading/modifying the gun within 6 months of owning it. That being said, you're likely better off with the OEM.

    Now the base is REALLY up to you. To build a proper DMR, you're going to end up gutting out most of the internals and basically starting from scratch. Now from experience, I know the G&G CM shell is pretty brittle, and honestly the abuse it's going to go through with the higher stresses will likely only cause you problems. So that right there would steer me away from the CM as a base. The exception would be if you're willing/planning on totally replacing the gearbox.
    IF you do plan on replacing the entire gearbox, well then simply pick the one you like the most. Once you start planning on swapping out the gearbox shell, you're virtually only buying based on aesthetics that appeal to you. Yes you can take into account battery storage, but ultimately, you're focusing on looks.

    The reason many go with the SR25 is because SOME have extended gearboxes which allow for larger volumes of air which make utilizing a longer barrel easier and less temperamental. I know the CA SR25 has an extended gearbox BUT is very picky with mags. I believe the A&K is extended as well, though I can't remember enough to definitely say yes or no.
    It's also worth looking into the JG SR25. I believe all 3 are under $400

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    Combat Machines aren't a good choice for a DMR platform because of G&G's pneumatic blowback, which leaves a weak point at the front of the gearbox. They don't take well to being upgraded past their stock 1 joule performance.

    One option to consider is an AKM or 74. Most people overlook them for DMR builds, but they have the right length barrel for the job while not being as long as an M16.
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    If your P90 doesn't have more than 50 feet range and isn't an LPEG, then something is wrong with it. A higher end P90 should easily do 150 feet when stock, and can be upgraded to well beyond 200 feet effective range without too much effort. One of my longest range AEG's was an upgraded KS P90, could easily hit an opponent at 200 feet range.
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    No it's a king arms, and has a solid 190 foot range, but I just think because of the FPS, it's more ideal to have a different type of gun
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    Does anyone know how to close this thread? I think I'm just going to make a sniper load out.