DMR Setup! KWA SR10 KM4 W/Extras!$$$

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    ***Listed for Sale: 350.00$ USD! No checks or weird payment plans***

    I have a KWA SR10 KM4 for sale! It comes with a Midcap high speedloader. 4 KWA Polymer Material K120 Mid-Cap mags. It also comes with 3 metal 120Rnd mid-caps. It is a KWA so it is lipo ready and comes with an 11.1v crane stock type battery and lipo charger kit. It has a basic suppressor and a basic sopmod which absorbs the sound of the gears, and gives it a more realistic suppressed sound upon firing. This has been my workshop gun, which means I have put a ton of upgrades and extras into this! The extras are as follows: MOSFET, SHS Metal tooth piston, lonex bucking with a flat hop, neo magnet motor, and a new barrel. This thing shoots at average 395FPS! It has been adjusted by myself to maintain a steady laser beam of bbs, all while staying under 400 fps. Which makes it field ready for most outdoor fields! It comes with a vertical hand grip, a G.P.S (Military Standard Grip Pod System) and a TRIJICON x4 ACOG Scope w/multi colored lamination vertical crosshairs. Red, Blue and green being the three colors to choose from. At this price, this gun, in its current state w/extras is a steal. No argument... First come first serve, I need this gone yesterday! I need to make rent this month. :eek::eek:

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