DMR vs Bolt Action Sniper, Which should I get?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Bullpup GOD, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Bullpup GOD

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    So I just started playing outdoor, and coming from a indoor cqb background, my gear isn't particularly well suited for long range. I really am considering a long range gun but not sure what to get.
    I am looking at CYMA Full Metal/Real Wood Dragunov


    Which would you recommend? Which would be better for a beginner sniper?
  2. ACruelKing

    ACruelKing New Member

    Well, it depends on the type of player. A DMR is a much more useful rifle on the field, but it is way more difficult to get it to perform to top notch DMR standards, assuming the field you go to has a Semi-lock on said rifles. A Bolt action is in my opinion easier to upgrade but not as versitile on the field.

  3. GSDZ19

    GSDZ19 Member

    Really depends on your play style. Do you want to hang back and be more stealthy or be able to engage targets without the worry of having the bolt style rifle. I’d personally enjoy the bolt but at the same time wouldn’t want to hang back so far haha
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