Do you think there should be a airsoft marker? (paintball gun)

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by SquirrelOps, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. SquirrelOps

    SquirrelOps New Member

    Ok, I don't know about you guys, but I really like the looks of paintball guns, not as much as airsoft, but they are really sexy. Some of them are rather cheap as well, even though they are an HPA gun.

    My idea with this is maybe a company could manufacture an airsoft gun, that looks exactly like a paintball marker, for the airsoft community. Before you say no, think. I know most of you have seen the double finger trigger system they use. That's a really nice feature.

    My main reason in this article is of course the price. They could make a low-mid tier Airsoft Marker for $150-$250 easily. So then people with less money that can't afford a 600 dollar plus Polar Star could still use an HPA system while playing in airsoft.

    As I said, I may be the only one, but then again, it would be a cool idea!

    May the odds be ever in your favour (unless you're on the enemy team)
  2. snapshot311

    snapshot311 New Member

    Oper8ters would be furious. Coming from paintball, I could see the fun in it, but I was never a speed baller even with paintball. The firing position is completely different. The P*, SMP, Valken hpa's are all just retrofitted paintball technology. They just didn't bring the speedball design with it.

  3. Kopis

    Kopis Active Member

    I hate the look of paintball guns and anyways their ergonomics are terrible. I think you are one of a few who like them.
  4. Wingman703

    Wingman703 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I could never figure out how to shoulder a paintball gun, then watching the 'pros', I realize you weren't supposed to shoulder that large, bulky, heavy, and generally in every way obtrusive tank. Bleh.
    Also, those 'double triggers' can go suck one. Hate those dang things, don't make any sense to me. Leave the paintball out of my airsoft, thank you very much.
  5. TheInfidel23

    TheInfidel23 Resident Derp Supporting Member

    ^yup, lol.

    If I wanted double triggers, hoppers, and guns that are akin to water guns in shape and unwieldy feel... I would paintball.
  6. Tactical_Skittles

    Tactical_Skittles Active Member

    If a company is able to produce and sell it for under $100, then I'd buy one for the troll factor.
  7. Bostitch

    Bostitch Well-Known Member

    Meh..the main point of airsoft is realism...that's why the guns are generally as close to 1:1 scale as possible with their real steel counterparts. Why make an airsoft gun that looks like a paintball gun when you can just buy the paintball gun? IMO that completely negates the advantages of airsoft being more realistic than paintball..

    Not to mention, double triggers and rapid firing with your middle finger have about as much place in real steel shooting as a pig in a whore house..again negating the realism that airsoft is known and developed for..
  8. SquirrelOps

    SquirrelOps New Member

    Well this backfired. I thought more people would support the idea.
  9. bryanman

    bryanman Member

    lol yup :D They try to come close to the real gun without matching 1:1 like airsoft does, and a lot of markers end up looking like cheap knock-off dollar store toys :(

    This IS an Airsoft forum after all ;)
  10. SRT

    SRT Member

    berks county
    Not to kick a dead horse or anything But then it wouldn't be airsoft it would be paintball soooo
  11. SquirrelOps

    SquirrelOps New Member

    I mean... It would be a cheap HPA gun is my point
  12. Tortoise

    Tortoise Active Member

    I'm sure the speedsofters would be all over it, since they're happy with playing paintball with airsoft guns. If that entire cohort could be isolated then I wouldn't complain. Most of us simply don't want that kind of stuff on the field with us.
  13. Tactical_Skittles

    Tactical_Skittles Active Member

    Just target the people with paintball gun lookalikes more problems ;)
  14. misterT

    misterT Member

    South Bend
    There actually were " airsoft markers" made many years ago. I had one made by para ordinance called the model 85. It was a magazine fed MAC 10 made from polymer materials that fired small paint pellets at 1200rpm, i believe they were even 6mm. It used large shotgun primers in reloadable shell casings that were ejected and made a somewhat realistic sound. It scared the crap out of other players and was a source of contention at games. There were Few others also, mostly used by law inforcement and military for training. But they were sort of a nich that never fully caught on due mostly to the cost of firing them. Sorry but I too do not have any desire to own an airsoft gun that looks like a paintball gun. The realism of airsoft is what drew me to it after many years of paintball. When i started they still sold splatmasters and Nelson pistols! :D
  15. yakantosh

    yakantosh New Member

    I don't care for the looks of paintball guns, but there is a company that makes a conversion for them to fire airsoft bbs.