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Does a longer inner barrel make the gun more accurate ?

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Is it true a longer barrel makes a gun more accurate ?
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Lefse said:
P90's can achieve surprisingly good results, very stable barrel assembly, and very stable hop-up chamber.
Ares tavor is an amazing gun to work on if you forget pain of opening it :) but you can really achieve great results with it...
Hm, a Tavor DMR certainly would be unique.
I'm considering getting a G and G CM16 Raider and cannot decide weather to get the long or short barreled gun. You guys seen knowledgeable on the subject, any recommendations ? (by that i mean just tell me either short or long.) thanks.
just do the blowpipe analogy and you'll get the idea if it will give you more accuracy or fps
Sorry, but this is a dead post. Most of the participants are no longer active anymore.
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