Does FPS truly matter?

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  1. DonkeyPenis

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    I'm looking to purchase a pistol for just target practice only..

    I found a full metal KJW for $120 that has 340-370 FPS
    Example > KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback (Black)

    and another gun full metal for $79 with 450-500 FPS
    Example > WG M9 Elite 331 Full Metal Airsoft CO2 Gas Blowback - Black

    What's the difference? My ideology is higher fps = goes farther more accurately? Please inform me since I'm a newbie.
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  2. moomoose

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    FPS does play a role in range, however it is not the most important factor.
    The quality of hop up and hop up rubber are major factors in accuracy. Take, for instance, my Tokyo Marui G26A. It shoots under 300 FPS, but I outrange every other pistol on field.
    The KJW will be your best best as it has an adjustable hop up (something that I seriously doubt the other pistol has) and you can upgrade it (i.e. get a better hop up bucking).

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    Superb answer, as well as the 300FPS comparison w/ TM.

    Consider FPS like an engine. As awesome as a super power engine is, you STILL need a good set of tires and alignment. Without them all working in tangent, good luck properly controlling all the power you're outputting. You're gonna be ALL over the road which is pretty pointless
    Often brands will put emphasis on a high velocity to make the buyer forget about controlling that velocity.

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  4. DonkeyPenis

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    I see...
    So how exactly does propane work on this gun?

    I buy a propane adapter and that's it?
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  5. Iram

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    Assuming you have an appropriate GBB (not CO2) pistol, you need a propane adapter and silicon oil. You put oil in the adapter so that the oil ends up in the gas, and then the gas spreads the oil through the gun.

    I suspect propane is bad for o-rings, but I'm not certain.

    Personally, I use my pistol so rarely that the money savings by setting up propane isn't worth it. Obviously ymmv.
  6. Raven1st

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    Dry propane will work just fine if you manually lube the gun regularly.

    Oil in the gas will get everywhere, mostly places it's not needed, and send a lot down the barrel. That leads to a barrel that holds a lot of dirt and a hopup rubber that does not grip the BB consistently.
  7. bryanman

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    I agree with Raven 100%, just make sure you strip and lube your gun regularly.
    Propane won't do anything to the O-rings that green gas wouldn't.
    Go with the KJW, the variety of aftermarket parts available will be worth it by far.